"The disease is strong; its strains resist fiercely. But the Void shall prevail."

Ber'asco was the Prophet of the Void, leader of the Charon Death Cult, which believed that the extermination of all life in the universe would lead to a final enlightenment. He was also the commander of the spacecraft Desolate.

He was deadly warrior who had his body armor enhanced by his bioscientists making him incredibly resilient. As he grew in power he gradually came to believe that he was the Final Prophet who was destined to destroy all life and allow the Charon to be one with the Void. Though he destroyed all non-Charon life within Otherspace he found no answers until the arrival of the Rebel Alliance transport Celestial. After capturing the vessel he learned that there existed another dimension which was teeming with life and he made it his mission to venture into this new realm and to destroy it for him to truly accomplish the Charon Death Cult's goal.

He learned much from Grand Moff Ravik, who informed him about the realm of realspace, and Ber'asco allowed the Humans to live in exchange for entry into this new dimension. Alliance agents managed to thwart his first attempt, but he survived and had his bioscientists modify the Desolate, which allowed it to enter realspace. When Ber'asco linked with the ship's computer, the mind of Ravik attacked and took over the Charon leader's body. In order to survive, Ber'asco took control of the body of Bane Nothos and joined Alliance soldiers in their attempt to defeat Ravik, who had effectively taken control of the Charon invasion force. Using his new superior Charon body in combat, Ravik crushed Bane Nothos's body, killing both the Human and Ber'asco, but not before Ravik sustained a fatal injury.



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