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"The dead female Aqualish is Bera Jeza, a lab assistant for some local lab."
Bib Fortuna[src]

Bera Jeza was a female Aqualish lab assistant working during the Galactic Civil War.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"Bera Jeza was in the middle of selling us some sort of super soldier drug and Jabba is very interested in getting his hands on the chemical makeup."
―Bib Fortuna[src]

Bera Jeza had a job as lab assistant for Mos Eisley Biolab, based in Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine. In addition to that job, she was also secretly working for the Hutt Crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure. She was involved in spice manufacturing as well as in the development of a new chemical drug to create super soldiers.[2] Circa 1 ABY,[1] she was assassinated in a street of Mos Eisley. Mos Eisley Police officer Happer was tasked to investigate the murder. In the meanwhile, Bib Fortuna hired a spacer to investigate whether Jeza's work for Jabba was related to the crime. The spacer would then discover the assassination of Jeza's fellow Derg Prantis, meet Slicer Cale Herron, and eventually uncover the Blackwing outbreak on Dathomir.[2]

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