The primary planet in the Berea system in the Elrood sector, Berea was a rocky, mountainous world which was owned and operated by Imperial Mining, Ltd.. Berea was often besieged by hail storms and violent winds, and the nighttime temperature often dropped below freezing. It lay in Confederacy of Independent Systems controlled space during the Clone Wars. Many Imperial prisoners captured during the Galactic Civil War were sent to labor camps on Berea. Wilek Nereus and Conn Doruggan served the Galactic Empire on Berea before being reassigned to Bakura.


Berea had a small spaceport at the main mining complex. Besides the small docking facility, the complex had a small bi-state memory plastic administrative building, a storage shed for mining vehicles, an ore-loading facility, and 20 long barracks buildings (each providing shelter for 50 miners).

Society and CultureEdit

The mine worker population was about one thousand people, plus several thousand automated mining droids. Access to Berea was strictly controlled by IML, with only corporate ships and Imperial warships allowed into the system. All other ships entering the system were warned that they were trespassing in IML space and told to leave or face being shot down and imprisoned. Merchants and free-traders were not allowed to land or trade on Berea; all of Berea's goods came from IML shuttles from nearby Derilyn. Security was maintained by 20 private troops contracted by IML.

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