"It's just that I fear for Gillam. He thinks he is an adult. He is only sixteen."
"I know what that is like," Obi-Wan said, thinking of Anakin.
―Senator Berm Tartuli of Andara and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.[src]

Berm Tarturi was a male Human Senator of the Galactic Republic who represented Andara in the waning days of the Republic, before the Clone Wars.

Tarturi's political enemy in the Senate was Senator Sano Sauro. In 25 BBY, the two politicians locked themselves in a vicious battle over the redistribution of trade routes in the Andaran system.

Tarturi had a son named Gillam, whose disappearance prompted the Jedi High Council assignment of Jedi Padawans Anakin Skywalker and Ferus Olin, with the help of their Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi, to investigate the campus and student body of Andara's elite Leadership School.

But in truth, it was the politician's own son, Gillam himself—as the leader of a student mercenary squad at the school—who staged not only his own alleged kidnapping, but also sought to stage his own murder, to avenge himself of his lackluster father. For while Berm was one of the galaxy's typically competent enough albeit self-interested, power-retaining politicians, the quality of his parenting skills was clearly not lost on his son, and, as Kenobi observed, left much to be desired.

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