Bern Nuladeg was a thin, middle-aged starfighter pilot from the Renatasia system. He flew among the two dozen starfighter pilots that made up Zero Squadron, under the command of Admiral Klyn Shanga on behalf of the Renatasian Confederation, and piloted fighter number 23. Bern had acquired a starship's pinnace for the squadron, by means that were not entirely legal, to which Zero Squadron attached their starships with long cables for the purpose of providing enhanced shielding to the fighters. He had been imprisoned by Rokur Gepta, but Shanga brokered his release to fly in the Battle of ThonBoka. Shanga always thought that Bern should have been the squadron leader rather than he, but Bern believed himself to be too impetuous for the position. However, Nuladeg was shot down by the Wennis for failing to abide by Rokur Gepta's attack and banning tactics and attempted to attack Vuffi Raa in the Millennium Falcon during the battle.

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