"Is that so difficult to believe, Captain Solo? Yes, we have destroyed the other suspects: Hondo Bador, Cabot Lom, Nevid d’Hon, Berille Ada—anyone Mama might have angered by helping you."
―Craitheus Qreph[src]

Berrille Ada was a sentient arachnid that worked as an outfitter during the Galactic Civil War. Ada maintained an office across the speederway from Mama's on Ord Mantell, doing business with smugglers via a translator. When Han Solo consulted Mama about the identity of Leia Organa's kidnapper, Berrille Ada was one of the outfitters she recommended he contact for further investigation.[1]

In 45 ABY, Marvid and Craitheus Qreph told Han Solo that they had "destroyed" Berrille Ada along with all the others they suspected could have shot Mama—by which they meant that they had taken away its friends and family, and taken possession of Berrille Ada's private property.[2]


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