"She offered me a staff of pure beskar to kill you."
―Din Djarin to Ahsoka Tano[1]

A beskar spear[6] was wielded by the Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth on Corvus during the New Republic Era. The staff was made of pure beskar, a metal alloy tied with Mandalorian culture. After Elsbeth was defeated by the Force-sensitive Ahsoka Tano, the staff was given to the Mandalorian Din Djarin. The staff was durable enough to be able to block and deflect lightsaber blows[1] and survived the destruction of the Razor Crest intact.[4] After the Razor Crest's destruction, Din Djarin wielded it during the second rescue of Grogu, where he used it to destroy one dark trooper and engage Moff Gideon in lightsaber combat, which led to Gideon's defeat and capture.[5]

When Djarin reunited with the surviving members of the Tribe on Glavis Ringworld, the Armorer informed him that beskar was only for armor, not weapons, as the spear was capable of piercing Mandalorian armor. Djarin had her melt the spear and reforge it into a garment for the foundling Grogu.[3]

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