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The Bespin Wing Guard, informally known as the Bespin Security Guard, Cloud City Wing Guard, or Cloud Police, whose members sometimes were called Bespin cops,[2] was the primary security force of Cloud City on Bespin.[3]


Lobot leads the Bespin Wing Guard

The Wing Guard comprised the largest segment of Cloud City Control,[4] and was placed under the command of the Baron Administrator of Cloud City, the city's central computer, or the Administrator's cyborg aide Lobot. The Security Guards operated out of the Cloud City Security Tower.[3] Wing Guards were not simply security guards on Cloud City; officers had a range of duties, from police to meteorologists, customs inspectors, and crisis controllers. Despite this array of multi-tasking, the Wing Guard was at one time highly disorganized and corrupt. It took the efforts of Lando Calrissian to reshape his security forces into a streamlined organization. One of the new Administrator's changes was to alter the Wing Guard wages based on public perception of their effectiveness; he also hired a squadron of "commando pilots" to help protect the city.[3] Though the Wing Guard continued to serve Cloud City after Calrissian's departure with members of the Rebel Alliance, small pockets of corruption grew among the security forces during the rule of the New Republic. This was thought to have been caused by the overflow of criminal activity on Cloud City, particularly during the time of Desann's assault on the New Jedi Order. During this time, Cloud City was held under siege by the Empire Reborn. The Wing Guards fought back, and several fought alongside Kyle Katarn when the Jedi helped liberate the city.[5]


Wing Guards present when the Millennium Falcon arrived at Cloud City in 3 ABY.

Wing Guards dressed in dark blue uniforms with red and gold trim and had dark blue helmets. They also carried silver Relby-k23 blaster pistols.[3] During a conflict against the Mandalorian Chop'aa Notimo and his Black Sun henchmen, the Wing Guards under Lobot wielded A280 blaster rifles.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

Cloud City security blaster pistols were manufactured from pneumatic spear guns. They were detailed with model kit parts from a V-8 engine and an F-4E Phantom II jet, along with a plastic coffee stirrer.[7]

John Mollo's original costume sketch for the Bespin Wing Guards was considerably more elaborate than what ended up in the film.


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