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"I realize that you have been successful in shipping lommite through Malastare, and circling around Bestine to reach Fondor and the Core. But where will Eriadu be when Fondor opts to join the Confederacy?"
―Dooku questions Tarkin on his plans for the oncoming Clone Wars[src]

Bestine IV,[2] also known simply as Bestine, was a planet[7] located in the galaxy's Inner Rim on the Corellian Trade Spine[1] that held the fourth orbital position[2] in the Bestine system.[1] The Shahkirin mechanic Yipsit grew up on the cliffs of Bestine IV before joining the Resistance.[8]

In the last years of the Galactic Republic, shipments of lommite from the planet Eriadu had to circle around Bestine to reach the Core Worlds. In attempting to recruit Eriadu's Governor Wilhuff Tarkin, Separatist Head of State Count Dooku revealed his understanding of the significance of the shipping route by warning that the route would soon be sabotaged by critical planets' secession from the Republic.[7] However, Bestine would remain with the Republic during the ensuing Clone Wars and the Republic Navy would base a fleet there as part of the conflict.[5]

In 3 ABY,[9] the Rebel Alliance's Twenty-First was present on Bestine as a part of a coordinated effort to distract forces and escort allow the Alliance fleet to complete its withdrawal from the Mid Rim.[6]



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