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"Should have asked for a new ship, while I was at it."

The Bestoon Legacy was the starship of Sith loyalist Ochi, which he used on various occasions. Ochi died after sinking in the Shifting Mires of Pasaana, leaving his ship behind. It was later found by Rey, whose mother and father he had killed. The droid D-O was found on the ship by BB-8.[3]

The ship was used by Poe Dameron, Finn, Rey, C-3PO, and BB-8 after the First Order captured the Millennium Falcon. After Rey apparently killed Chewbacca by accident, the group escaped Pasaana in the ship, with Poe hiding the ship in an asteroid belt. Though they lost the dagger, its inscription was in C-3PO's memory. So, the group decided to head to Kijimi so that Babu Frik can perform a memory bypass, unaware that the Night Buzzard, the Knights of Ren's ship, was following them. The ship made planetfall and landed in Kijimi City, which was cracking down under the First Order's occupation. After Babu Frik successfully retrieves the translation at the cost of C-3PO's memories, the group returned to the Bestoon Legacy and flew to the Steadfast hovering above the city to rescue Chewbacca. Poe used Zorii Bliss' First Order Captain's medallion to get clearance to land aboard one of the ship's hangars. Allegiant General Pryde and a detachment of stormtroopers went into the hangar, and Pryde asked one of his subordinates who the ship belonged to. Poe Dameron's group later recovered the Falcon and rescued Chewbacca, and the First Order met its demise soon after.[3]

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The Bestoon Legacy on Pasaana.

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