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"This is Beta Squadron, the way is clear. We are moving in to the excavation site."
―Beta Squadron[src]

Beta Squadron was a Republic military unit that saw action on the planet Raxus Prime. It comprised of three AT-TEs and two AT-XTs.


Beta Squadron was among the clone forces participating in the assault on an excavation site where the Sith Lord Count Dooku sought to recover the Force Harvester, an instrument vital to powering the Dark Reaper, an ancient sith weapon. While the main force mounted a direct assault on the front led by Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, Beta Squadron took an alternate route to the base perimeter where they waited on the opposite side of a force field gate.[1]

When Alpha Company blasted there way into the site, they engaged the remaining Separatist forces while Kenobi destroyed a power generator, lowering the gate and allowing Beta Squadron inside. With the fighting over and the site secured, Dooku took the opportunity to present himself in the open in the hopes Skywalker would pursue - which he did. As Kenobi called after his padawan, a Protodeka revealed itself and quickly destroyed the republic forces in the area, including all of Beta Squadron. After a tense skirmish, Kenobi managed to destroy the massive tank in which he was then briefed by troopers that the Separatist had already found whatever they were searching for.[2]



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