Bertrek Moy'nast was a male Bothan who lived during the time of the Clone Wars.


Moy'nast lived in the platform city Soboll on Cularin and he worked as a bartender in the Medoric Fall cantina there. The Medoric was a military bar and Moy'nast was able to learn about Thaereian military troop movements and personnel changes. He was secretly an informer for the Cularin Militia and he was given the code name RODIAN MIME. When the Thaereians withdrew all their forces on Cularin to Soboll, Major Xirossk of the Militia gave the Heroes of Cularin details about Moy'nast, so that they could find him and discover from him the location of the Thaereian commander, Kurth San. However, before they could find the Bothan, he was arrested by the Thaereians.

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