Bett was a green–skinned humanoid woman with white hair and pointed ears. She was an associate of criminal Wenda, who lead a criminal gang based on Kaddak. A year after the Battle of Jakku, Bett along with Wenda teamed up with the former stormtroopers Corlac and Terex to access the Rothana Imperial Shipyards. While Terex wanted to rebuild the Galactic Empire, Bett, Wenda, and Corlac wanted to form their own criminal empire. They conspired to kill Terex but Terex discovered their plot and blasted them to death with the corvette Carrion Spike.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Bett and Wenda meet Terex and Corlac

Bett lived during both the Imperial and the New Republic Eras. She and her associate Wenda ran a large ship repair and salvage operation as well as a criminal gang known as the Ranc gang. They were associates of Corlac, who served as a stormtrooper during the Battle of Jakku. At some point, Bett and Wenda met with Corlac and another former stormtrooper named Terex. Bett, Wenda, and Corlac wanted to use the Rothana Imperial Shipyards' resources to build a pirate fleet. Since Terex had once worked at the shipyard, they wanted to use his expertise to enter the automated facility. Corlac claimed that Bett and Wenda shared their aspirations of rebuilding the Galactic Empire. Bett and Wenda listened as Corlac gained Terex's trust.[2]

Bett was later present with the rest of the Ranc gang including Wisper, Zumgi, and Brrang when Terex used his access codes to unlock the external command module and the repair bay.[2] After the Ranc gang had taken control of the shipyards, Bett met with Corlac and Wenda in the control station. Bett opined that they could not keep up their ruse for long because Terex would eventually discover their plot. She added that telling Terex they needed to gather funding to restart the Empire would not work for long. Corlac agreed that Terex had become a problem but Wenda insisted on keeping him alive until Terex had finished working on the Carrion Spike.[1]

When Bett asked what was so important about that ship, Corlac explained that the Carrion Spike had been the personal flagship of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. He added that the ship's cloaking device and surveillance systems would aid their pirate operations. When Bett countered that Terex would never support their plans since he was only interested in rebuilding the Empire, Corlac countered they were criminals and could easily kill Terex. After Corlac remarked that he was tired of Terex's zeal to the Empire, Bett asked whether Terex was his partner since they had been comrades in arms. Corlac dismissed Terex as a tool.[1]

Bett was killed by Terex after she plotted to betray him

Unknown to Bett and her associates, Terex had reactivate the Carrion Spike's surveillance systems and was eavesdropping on their communication. Terex then used the ship's laser cannon turret to obliterate the control station, killing Bett, Wenda, and Corlac. Realizing the Empire was gone, Terex seized control of the Ranc gang, which became a feared criminal group. Terex later joined the First Order, remnant dedicated to rebuilding the Old Empire.[1]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Bett was a green–skinned humanoid woman with white hair and pointed ears. She wore a set of brown overalls. Bett and Wenda ran a salvage and repair operation[2] that doubled as a criminal gang. Bett was privy to Corlac and Wenda's plot to manipulate Terex into accessing the Rothana Imperial Shipyards in order to build a pirate fleet. She expressed shock when Corlac admitted that he was willing to kill his former comrade Terex for getting in the way of their plans.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Bett first appeared in the 2016 comic Poe Dameron 9, written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Phil Noto.

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