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"Better the Devil You Know, Part I" focuses on Rey's adventure on Jakku, in which Unkar Plutt was kidnapped. The first part of the story was published as the lead story of Star Wars Adventures (2017) 1[1] on September 6, 2017.[3]

Plot summary[]

Scavenging for parts[]

On the Inner Rim planet of Jakku, Rey was fighting of thieves with her quarterstaff. Earlier, she was on her speeder when she found a crashed starship in the desert. She got off her speeder and journeyed into the ship. She scavenged for small parts on the ship that would hold some value to them in hopes junk boss, Unkar Plutt ration packs for them. As Rey was scavenging, she noticed two thugs come up from behind her and demand that she gives them her comlinks. She knocked on of the thugs over with her staff and tripped the other one before they could shot her. But the thug shot a stray bolt that hit a power relay, setting of a chain reaction and giving them a small amount of time to escape. Rey and the thugs stopped fighting and they managed to leap out of the ship right before it exploded. The explosion also blew up the thug's speeder, leaving them stranded in the Starship Graveyard while Rey escaped on her speeder.

Unkar Plutt goes missing[]

Rey arrived at Niima Outpost, realizing that something was wrong. She asked "Crusher" Roodown what had happened and he informed her that Unkar Plutt had been kidnapped by marauders led by a man named Zool Zendiat. They had shot their way through Niima Outpost and kidnapped Plutt. Rey also asked why they took him and Zuvio told her that they were looking for an old J9 worker drone that Rey had sold to Plutt months ago. They were both interrupted by the Gabdorin Krynodd who told Zuvio to not get involved and claimed himself as the new junk boss. Krynodd had wanted to run Niima Outpost for years and finally had his chance. Bobbajo had accidentally walked into Krynodd who shoved him and sent him flying off his feet. Rey ran over to help Bobbajo, who called out to his animals that he carried as they ran away. She ran after a bloggin and managed to grab it and return it to Bobbajo. Bobbajo offered Rey his corn-cluster as a reward to which Rey was surprised that Unkar Plutt would let him have that but Bobbajo reminded her that Unkar was no longer in charge.

Interrogating Unkar Plutt[]

Nearby at the starship of Zool Zendiat, the Fortune Zool asked Unkar Plutt again what he did with the J9 unit he was after. Zool took out a vibro-knife and asked a again for the location of the droid and if Unkar had broken up the droid including the head. Unkar Plutt told him that the J9 did not have a head but now Unkar remembered the droid and Zool Zendiat asked who had the droid now.

At Rey's home she looked around until she found the head of the J9 droid. Later that night, Rey was riding on her speeder when large birds flew over her. Rey followed them and found Unkar Plutt lying on the ground when Zendiat threatened to feed Plutt to the birds if he did not tell him where the droid was.


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Notes and references[]

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