"Better the Devil You Know, Part II" focuses on Rey's adventure on Jakku, in which Unkar Plutt was kidnapped. The second part of the story, it was published as the lead story of Star Wars Adventures (2017) 2[1] on September 20, 2017.[3]

Plot summary[]

Saving Unkar Plutt[]

On the Inner Rim planet of Jakku, the scavenger Rey had discovered the kidnapped Unkar Plutt lying down in desert in stuncuffs surrounded by Zool Zendiat and his collective. Rey did not like Unkar Plutt at all but did not think it was right for him to be fed to the Ripper-raptors. She thought it was her fault that Plutt was kidnapped because she sold him the J9 worker drone that the Zendiat Collective was after. She slid down a sand dune and hid behind some containers. Rey took out a bag of comlinks and placed them in many different areas around her. The raptors started fly over head as Zendiat asked Plutt one last time where the droid head was. Then from her own comlink, Rey made a squawking noise of a bloggin that played through all the other comlinks. When they were caught off guard, she leaped down and confronted Zool and his group. Rey knocked out Tryki with her quarterstaff and used it to push Tryki into Kanna. Armed with three blaster pistols the Talz, Ramakak shot at Rey but she evaded the shots and knocked him out.

Unkar Plutt questioned what Rey was doing to which she replied that she was rescuing him. Unkar Plutt told her to hurry up but as Rey was deactivating the stuncuffs, she was electrocuted Zool's vibro-knife. Tryki told Zool that she had found the comlinks around their starship and was impressed by her trick. Zendiat looked back at Rey and asked her what should stop them from shooting her. Rey took out the head of the J9 droid and Zendiat allowed her to speak for herself. Rey would give Zendiat the head if he allowed her and Unkar Plutt to go. Zool Zendiat admired her spirit but decided to blast Rey and then take the head. Rey knew that they were going to say that so she threw the droid head high in the air and ran over to Plutt and took off the stuncuffs. Unkar Plutt was angry at Rey for the way she talked to him so he pushed her into Ramakak, sending both flying back. Plutt then caught the droid head and told Zool Zendiat that it's head must be worth a lot of credits. He then went over to Rey's pack of corn-clusters and threw them up. The Ripper-raptors flew in and started to jab at the Zendiat Collective. She grabbed Rey and they both escaped but before they could, Rey took the droid head and launched it back at the group with her quarterstaff. They managed to recover it and leave Jakku.

As they rode back to Niima Outpost Rey relieved that the droid head was actually worthless and that he would Krynodd had taken over his business. The angried Unkar Plutt marched into Niima Outpost to take back his business.

The following day[]

The next day, Rey climbed out of her home the, Hellhound Two and over to a crate filled with ration packs and holocube. A message from Unkar Plutt played and he told her that this was considered payment for getting him back to Niima Outpost and to not try to sell him the holocube. Rey acknowledged this as a thank you from Unkar Plutt, realizing that some days are better than others.


Notes and references[]

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