Beuga Odell, the crime boss of Imperial City, was a heavy-set Human female in her seventh or eighth decade of life. Surveillance holographs had her appear as a sweet-natured old women, but anyone familiar with the Coruscant underworld knew she was deadly serious about dominating the gambling, smuggling, and narcotic trades. Odell butted heads with the Quetemoor crime family for decades, dating back to to Quetemoor the Venerable's days as head Mugaari. Her organization soon became large as Quetemoor's, but both gangs were dwarfed by the galaxy-spanning specter of Black Sun. Beuga Odell took comfort in the fact that Black Sun was too large to take an active interest in her operations, and she kept Black Sun envoy Mal Coramma at bay with regular bribes. She dearly loved to wipe out the much smaller organization of The Wolfman Volven Roxe, but feared that doing so would trigger a gang war.


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