"It was so easy to turn her. The promise of a little power of her own… she signed on the dotted line."
―Darmas Pollaran[src]

Bevera Dodonna was a female Human senator who represented Commenor in the Galactic Senate of the Republic during the Cold War and the Galactic War against the reconstituted Sith Empire. Although seemingly benevolent, she was bribed by undercover Imperial Agent Darmas Pollaran by the promise to get her own planet in exchange for aiding him and his superior the Voidwolf to topple the Republic.


A Human female, Bevera Dodonna was born into Commenor's wealthy Dodonna family, placing the heavy weight of expectation on her shoulders. A rebellious teenager, Dodonna eventually stepped into politics and met with several early victories which drove her ambition higher. Appointed to the Commenor delegation in the Galactic Republic Senate, Dodonna's several fiancées were often whispered about by her peers. She found being a single woman would allow her more political ammunition and decided to use it to her advantage.[1]

A fierce negotiator and diplomat, Dodonna was nicknamed Shimmersteel by her peers in the Senate for her forceful resolve. Active throughout the Great Galactic War, Dodonna suffered from a political decline as the Cold War took effect. Appointed as the Undersecretary of the Senate Security Council, Dodonna was severely distressed with the appointment of Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh as she saw a threat in the success of another single woman. Despite her jealousy, Dodonna began a program in which the Republic would legitimize groups of underworld privateers and employ them to work against the Empire as the Galactic War began to take form.[1]

Despite her seemingly good intentions during her work, Dodonna faltered in her allegiance to the Republic when she took a bribe from an undercover Imperial Agent named Darmas Pollaran. Aiding Pollaran and his superior known by the codename Voidwolf, Dodonna was prepared to work with the Empire to destroy the Republic in exchange for political prestige and recognition. However, a crime lord and Republic sympathizer Rogun the Butcher learned of their alliance and captured both Dodonna and Pollaran and imprisoned them on Port Nowhere. They were freed by the smuggler later known as the Voidhound, an enemy of Rogun's. The pair claimed that Rogun was a servant of the Voidwolf and Dodonna recruited the Voidhound as a privateer, ostensibly working for the Republic, when in fact unknowingly aiding the Voidwolf.[2]

Following another attack by one of Rogun's bounty hunters on Nar Shaddaa and again being saved by Voidhound, Dodonna decided it was time to take down the Butcher. She sent the smuggler back to Port Nowhere to discuss Pollaran on how to accomplish that. Pollaran noted that the Rogun's bounty hunter was accompanied by cyberbeasts native to the planet Voss. Dodonna added that since the trade Vossian fauna was not legalized for trade, it was obvious that Rogun was smuggling them. While Dodonna worked to get a permit for the Voidhound to visit Voss, the latter tracked down Rogun's mentor Ivory on Belsavis to get the location of Rogun's safehouses.[2]

Bevera Dodonna

The Empire rewarded Dodonna's betrayal with a prison garb and a shock collar.

However, her work with the Voidwolf and the Empire turned out to be a blackhole and Dodonna saw that she ruined everything after been sent to Corellia. The Voidhound managed to survive the Voidwolf's ambush and arrested Pollaran, who gave up evidence incriminating Dodonna, forcing her to flee to the Museum of Alien History, now a POW camp, in Axial Park. The Voidwolf then abandoned her in light of her exposure. The Senator was then stripped of her dignity as she was forced to labour in humiliation.[2]

When confronted by the Voidhound, she apologized for everything she did and her ultimate betrayal against the Republic. She offered her assistance to the Voidhound to help track down the Voidwolf since she wanted him dead as revenge for abandoning her. She explained the smuggler about the Voidwolf's plan and that he planned to assemble a massive pirate fleet to attack the main Republic shipyards. She begged the smuggler to set her free and promised to hand over the files. Instead, the Voidhound convinced her to accept responsibility for her crimes. Republic forces then took the now disgraced Senator into custody.

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Dodonna can be romanced by a male Smuggler. She can be either killed, released, or arrested at the end of the storyline.



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