"Okay, you're in Keldabe, on Mandalore. I'm Medrit Vasur. This is my farm, and you can stay here until you're well enough to leave."
Medrit Vasur, speaking with Sintas Vel[src]

The Beviin-Vasur farm was a Mandalorian-owned farm on the Outer Rim world of Mandalore. Located ten kilometers outside of the planet's capital city of Keldabe, the large farm was walled and possessed a number of outbuildings and traditional Mandalorian vheh'yaime, all connected by underground tunnels and positioned around the main stone farmhouse.

The farm was owned by Goran Beviin and his husband, Medrit Vasur, and became the family home of Clan Beviin. There, Beviin and Vasur lived with their adopted daughter Dinua; by the time of the Second Galactic Civil War, they were also joined by Dinua's own family, including her husband Jintar, and their two children, Briila and Shalk. When Mand'alor Boba Fett, a friend of Beviin, came to Mandalore in an attempt to become closer to his people and the Mandalorian culture, Fett was allowed to to stay at the farm. Similar arrangements were made when Jedi Knight Jaina Solo arrived on Mandalore, seeking Fett's aid in defeating her recently turned Sith Lord brother.


"There's always room at the farm."
Goran Beviin[src]

Several traditional vheh'yaime were set up across the farm.

The Beviin-Vasur farm was located on the planet Mandalore,[1] a world in the region of the galaxy known as the Outer Rim.[2] Situated on land approximately ten kilometers from Mandalore's capital city of Keldabe, the Beviin-Vasur farm was a sprawling collection of traditional Mandalorian vheh'yaime, camouflaged and sunk into the ground, in addition to numerous other outbuildings that served a variety of purposes. Each of these buildings was linked via a network of underground tunnels, and the tunnels themselves provided an escape off into the hills west of the farm. Dirtworks and a sturdy wall emplacement around the outside reaches of the Beviin-Vasur farm served as means of defense and protection, and the old stone farmhouse at the center of the scattered other buildings served as both the home of the farm's owners, and the last fallback bastion in the event of an attack. The front entrance to the farmhouse was dug into the ground, and was accessed by a short series of carved steps;[1] inside the two-level building was a kitchen, several bedrooms, and a common room[3] Mandalorians referred to as a kar'yai.[4]

At the rear of the farmhouse, and attached to the main building by one of the many underground tunnels, was a workshop equipped with tools and a forge designed for metalwork. Smoke from the forge's fire was funneled out through a vent into the open air several meters from the shop, in order to help disguise the workshop's location from any unwanted onlookers.[1] Another feature of the Beviin-Vasur farm was the barn used to house the farm's animals and other equipment, including a harvester droid. Constructed out of sheets of duraplast and timber boards, with large double-doors at one end, the barn's assembly left roughly spaced gaps between the outer boards wide enough to allow rays of sunlight to enter. An old dirt road stretched between the Beviin-Vasur farm and the farm belonging to the Mandalorian Levet.[3]


"She's at Beviin's farm."
Jaina Solo, speaking about Sintas Vel[src]

The home of the Mandalorian Beviin clan, the Beviin-Vasur farm was owned and maintained by the Mandalorian couple Goran Beviin and Medrit Vasur. Vasur was worked as a blacksmith from the farm's workshop, where he forged weapons and armor from Mandalorian beskar iron. Beviin enjoyed working around the farm, even when it came to jobs such as cleaning up animal dung.[1] However, Beviin was also occasionally forced to take up part-time mercenary work to make ends meet when the farm came upon lean times. One such instance was around 24 ABY, when a rough year had left Beviin and Medrit with no profit income from the farm, and Beviin accepted a job from the mysterious individual known as Udelen—secretly the advanced Yuuzhan Vong scout Nom Anor in disguise. This opened the door for an unknowing alliance between the Mandalorians and the Yuuzhan Vong until 25 ABY, when the extragalactic invaders launched their attack on the known galaxy. During the first year of the resulting galactic war, Beviin's friend Briika Jeban was killed by a Yuuzhan Vong Subaltern on New Holgha. Keeping a promise he had made to her when the Yuuzhan Vong had first made themselves known, Beviin adopted Jeban's daughter Dinua in the Mandalorian tradition.[5] By the war's end, Dinua had come to live at the farm on Mandalore with Beviin and Medrit.[1]

By the year 40 ABY, Dinua had gotten married to a Mandalorian soldier named Jintar and had two kids, a son and daughter named Shalk and Briila, respectively. This second generation of family also resided on the farm along with Beviin and Vasur. As the Second Galactic Civil War broke out, Jintar left to seek mercenary work in the war, while Beviin offered to allow his friend and reigning Mand'alor, Boba Fett, to stay at the farm during his time living on Mandalore. Fett accepted, though he took up residence within his parked ship, Slave I, rather than the farmhouse. When a fresh lode of beskar iron was found north of the city of Enceri, the Beviin-Vasur farm's workshop became a testing ground for the new metal, as Vasur utilized samples to forge traditional Mandalorian beskad sabers[1] and beskar armor.[3]

When Jedi Knight Jaina Solo journeyed to Mandalore seeking to learn from Boba Fett new skills to defeat her brother, the recently anointed Sith Lord Darth Caedus, Solo was allowed to stay at the Beviin-Vasur farm for the duration of her time on the planet. The farm's barn was used as a training ground during Solo's initial sparring session with Fett, and she repaid the kindness of the Beviin clan by putting her technical skills to use working on the farm's equipment. Beviin and Vasur's farm was also the temporary home of Sintas Vel, Fett's long-lost ex wife, during her period of recovering from years of carbon freeze.[3]

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The Beviin-Vasur farm was first mentioned in the 2006 e-novella Boba Fett: A Practical Man, by author Karen Traviss. It was mentioned again in Traviss' first entry into the Legacy of the Force novel series, entitled Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines, before making its first full appearance in Star Wars canon in Traviss' second Legacy of the Force title, Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice. Legacy of the Force: Revelation, Traviss' third entry to the series, again featured the Beviin-Vasur farm as a prominent locale.


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