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"The name is Beyghor Sahdett, and I assure you, Captain Heren, I am a Jedi."
―Beyghor Sahdett[src]

Beyghor Sahdett was a Verpine Jedi Master who lived during the final years of the Galactic Republic, and into the reign of the new Galactic Empire. Following the enactment of Contingency Order 66 by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, Sahdett was captured by the Empire and converted into an agent for the Sith. Going undercover to hunt Jedi, Sahdett joined the crew of the Uhumele in search of fellow survivor, Jedi Master Dass Jennir.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Beyghor Sahdett, a hermaphroditic Verpine with a masculine personality,[3] was trained in the ways of the Force by the Jedi Order and in time became a skilled Jedi Master, wielding a green lightsaber with great skill.[5] When the Clone Wars broke out in 22 BBY, Sahdett answered the call, leading the Grand Army of the Republic's clone troopers into battle as a Jedi General.[2]

Order 66[edit | edit source]

"But not every Jedi fell victim to Palpatine's plan…Some…by skill…survived."

Sahdett survives Order 66.

When Contingency Order 66 was issued to all clone troopers ordering them to execute their Jedi leaders, Sahdett's troops moved to obey. While planetside within a forest, they attacked Sahdett, but the Jedi was far too skilled for the clones, and he cut many of them down with his lightsaber.[2]

Soon, Sahdett was captured by the newly formed Galactic Empire and taken to a detention facility where he was beaten and starved. In captivity, Sahdett was brought before the Galactic Emperor himself, where he was forced to his knees alongside four other captured Jedi. Surrounded by Clone stormtroopers and the Emperor's Imperial Guards, Palpatine offered the Jedi their lightsabers, sparking hope amongst the captives. Ordering the captives to duel each other to the death, Palpatine knew that they would attack him instead, and laughed as all five Jedi lunged toward him. Slaying three of the Jedi with a single stroke of his lightsaber, only Sahdett and an Unidentified Human female Jedi remained, staring at one another in shock. Though she hesitated, Sahdett did not, and turned on his fellow Jedi, ramming his blade into her stomach, murdering her and beginning his service to the Emperor.[4]

The Dark Times[edit | edit source]

Finding the Uhumele[edit | edit source]

"Bomo Greenbark? I have been looking for you. My name is Beyghor Sahdett, and I believe we share a mutual acquaintance..."
―Beyghor Sahdett, to Bomo Greenbark[src]

Four months after the end of the Clone Wars, the former resistance fighter, Bomo Greenbark, had made camp on the refuge planet of Kidron with the rest of the crew of the smuggling vessel, the Uhumele. Greenbark, despondent over his grave losses of the last four months, traveled into a nearby town to go for a walk. It was here that Sahdett found the Nosaurian, informing him that they had a mutual acquaintance—Dass Jennir. Sahdett had forsaken his Jedi robes, donning armor and a blaster instead, yet still keeping his lightsaber clipped to his belt in plain sight. Greenbark, who regretted his earlier stance of banishing Jennir from the crew due to his status as a Jedi fugitive, brought Sahdett back to the vessel and introduced him to his ship-mates. He asked them to allow Sahdett to join them, but their responses were mixed, with their drunken captain, Schurk-Heren, even doubting Sahdett was a Jedi at all.

As Sahdett assured the captain that he was in fact a Jedi, a group of stormtroopers led by an Imperial officer swarmed the camp. The Imperials, knowing that the Uhumele had harbored Jennir, were seeking to detain and question the crew. As they approached, no one reacted, until Greenbark turned to Sahdett. Sahdett leaped into action, igniting his lightsaber and throwing himself in between the attackers and his new associates. He quickly sliced through the troopers, performing acrobatic feats and deflecting blaster bolts, as well as bisecting and beheading his opponents. Within moments, he had killed a dozen stormtroopers, and when the officer fired his blaster pistol at Sahdett, the Verpine deflected it into the officer's forehead, killing him as well. With the entire squad of Imperials dead, Schurk-Heren remarked that Sahdett was indeed a Jedi after all.

The Search for Dass Jennir[edit | edit source]

"You've put a lot of faith in rumors spread by smugglers and slave runners, Sahdett. Do you really think we'll find Jennir?"
―Ko Vakier[src]

Sahdett while searching for Dass Jennir

Shortly after this incident, Sahdett and the crew departed Kidron to search for Jennir. After gleaning information from smugglers and slavers, the group found themselves led toward Telerath, where rumors abounded of a Human Jedi. Ko Vakier expressed doubts about the veracity of the rumors, and Sahdett agreed that with the Empire having placed a bounty on the heads of all Jedi, they were being "seen" all around the galaxy. He told Vakier that they must keep hope alive, however, and even if they didn't find Jennir, Sahdett was confident they'd find Telerath to be a beautiful planet. Even as he spoke of its beauty, however, a group of Humans with blasters surrounded the crew and demanded to know their intentions. Captain Schurk-Heren, now sober and proud, took offense at their insults toward his ship and told them that they were seeking Dass Jennir. When one of the men placed his blaster against the captain's head, Sahdett began to reach for his lightsaber, but was admonished by Greenbark, and the Verpine stayed his hand. As the men grew angrier, saying that another being had come looking for Jennir, they were approached by two wounded Humans—a boy named Dado and an old man named Fish. Fish immediately recognized the beings as friends of Jennir, and Greenbark in particular.

The Telerath native brought the group back to a former brothel called Ember's Fire, where Fish told them that due to their unusual mix of species and Jennir's stories, he easily knew who they were, but mentioned that Sahdett was unknown to him. Greenbark pointed out that Sahdett was helping them look for Jennir, and the Verpine then asked of the other being who had come looking for the Jedi as well. Fish told them that the man had said he was a friend of Jennir's, but the old man knew that wasn't so, based on his appearance and lack of manners, and Fish declared that he'd rather die than reveal where Jennir had gone. Fish and Nikollane, Dado's mother, told the group that they had formed a local militia and that everyone on the planet owed so much to Jennir for eliminating all the criminals from the planet, and revealed that the Jedi had been gone for two weeks, headed to the Vondarc system.

Sahdett and the rest of the Uhumele crew then left for Vondarc, a planet in the Mid Rim. The vessel's engineer, Ratty, was able to obtain a new transponder which allowed them to pass through Imperial lines undetected, as Star Destroyers patrolled the skies. Both Ratty and Greenbark were uncertain that Jennir would land on such a planet, let alone be able to change his transponder code as they had. Sahdett, however, was not willing to write off the information they had, and decided there was only one way to find out Jennir's fate - by breaking into the local Imperial guard station and accessing the Imperial databanks. Though the crew expressed shock and uncertainty at this plan, Vakier, Ratty, and Greenbark ended up accompanying Sahdett into the station. Sahdett had attempted to go alone, but Greenbark stated that even though he was a Jedi, they should work together. Though they had encountered and killed several stormtroopers on their way into the station, they managed to reach the databanks undetected. Sahdett assured the others that he knew exactly what he was doing, and then directed Ratty to the precise access point he needed in order to slice into the databank. Ratty then expressed surprise that Sahdett knew so much about the Imperial system, to which Sahdett faltered when trying to answer. Vakier heard someone coming, however, and Sahdett used his wings to fly past the others to cut down two stormtroopers who were passing by with one swing of his lightsaber. He then returned and gave a confident answer to Ratty's question, saying that just as the clones had formerly been under his command, so too had the computers that the Empire now used. Ratty managed to copy all of the recent reports for the entire sector, and at Sahdett's urging, the group rushed back to the Uhumele.

On the right track[edit | edit source]

"But see the truth behind the report, and ask yourselves—how could a "destroyed" civilian ship take out two Nimbus-class starfighters?"
―Beyghor Sahdett[src]

Sahdett on the Uhumele.

Departing from Vondarc in broad daylight, Schurk-Heren was eager to escape into hyperspace. Meanwhile, Sahdett, Vakier, and Ratty worked to sift through the vast amount of information they stole. Ratty proudly told Schurk-Heren that Sahdett had deftly broken the Imperial encryption, but the Jedi dismissed this as he had before, by saying the code was not that different than the one used by the Republic. The crew mused on different paths Jennir might take, until Ratty became saddened by the memory of their friend and crewmate, Janks, who was captured by the Empire. The Verpine callously disregarded Ratty's feelings and Janks' fate, causing the crew to exchange looks of concern. Sahdett quickly changed the subject when he came across a report that a civilian vessel had been shot down, but not before destroying two Nimbus class starfighters. Greenbark questioned how this could be good news if Jennir was dead, but Sahdett pointed out that the captain who filed the report would be forced to account for both the destroyed fighters and the enemy craft, but would only be able to build a promotion if the enemy was destroyed as well—yet only a Jedi would be able to take out two clone starfighters in a civilian craft. Using the discovered data, they followed Jennir to the planet of Prine, along the Enarc Run.

On the surface of Prine, the crew discovered the remains of a V-wing starfighter, revealing they were on the right track. They eventually found Jennir, passed out from attempting to heal Ember Chankeli, whom had been shot in the back by Falco Sang. The crew brought the pair onboard where Sahdett completed the healing process. When Jennir awoke, he rushed to Chankeli's room, where the Verpine Jedi assured her that aside from the scarring, she was completely healed. Jennir immediately embraced and kissed her, completely ignoring his fellow Jedi and causing Sahdett to exchange a stare with Vakier. Schurk-Heren then cleared the room to allow Jennir and Chankeli some privacy.

Shortly afterwards, Jennir confronted Schurk-Heren about going back to help Maddie, which the captain believed was implausible. Eventually the conversation shifted to Darth Vader, who had been pursuing them, as well as Sahdett himself, whom Jennir did not know. Schurk-Heren explained that he was another Jedi, and had assumed Jennir would have known him. Jennir explained that there had been thousands of Jedi, and while it was possible that they had met before, he did not remember. Greenbark then told Jennir of how they had met Sahdett and how he had saved them from Imperials, and that the Verpine had "Jedi matters" to discuss, and Jennir was happy to oblige.

Betrayal and Death[edit | edit source]

"If you had been there... If you had seen... You would have done what I did. You would have done the same! You might still!"
―Beyghor Sahdett[src]

After arriving on Kestavel to meet with Jennir's contact, Kai Hudorra, Sahdett was lured into a trap by the pair, having sensed his true allegiances. The two Jedi attacked the Verpine, but the fallen Jedi managed to escape out a window. The Verpine's skills were formidable, however, and the battle began to shift in his favor by pushing the Bothan away and forcing Jennir to the ground. Mezgraf and Vakier arrived at the scene and tried to distract him, but Sahdett quickly sliced off the former's right forearm and impaling the latter, reveling in his kill.

Sahdett is killed by Vader.

Following more fierce fighting in the casino and guards Makall and Urtsk being sliced in half, Bomo Greenbark tried to take down Sahdett with his blaster, but the Verpine belted back the shots with his lightsaber. This allowed Jennir the opportunity to act and attacked Sahdett. When Sahdett was about to kill him, Hudorra arrived in time and used the Force to throw the Verpine into a wall, knocking him unconscious. A little later, Sahdett woke up as Jennir and Hudorra began to interrogate him. Sahdett revealed the truth about his capture and how he was seduced by the Emperor. In addition, he also told the Jedi that he had contacted Palpatine's apprentice, Darth Vader, who was already on his way to Kestavel. Hudorra then ignited his lightsaber and sliced off Sahdett's antennae so he couldn't contact his master. Sahdett was left as a distraction for Vader; tied up and gagged to prevent him from warning anyone about the ambush being set up by the crew of the Uhumele and the staff of the The Lucky Twi'lek, Vader would sense his Force presence but mistake it for Jennir's. After informing Vader that his role for Palpatine was to eliminate Jedi in his place, the Sith Lord decapitated Sahdett.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Sahdett first appeared in Republic 79: Into the Unknown, Part 1, drawn by Douglas Wheatley, as an unnamed Verpine Jedi, where he was pictured in a montage which showed Jedi responding to Order 66. Another Verpine Jedi appeared in Dark Times 16: Blue Harvest, Part 4, where he was revealed to be Beyghor Sahdett. Although this Verpine Jedi is also drawn by Doug Wheatley, it was not confirmed that the two were the same until Randy Stradley, the Dark Horse Comics editor confirmed the connection on the Dark Horse forums.[6] Sahdett is depicted with red eyes in Dark Times, whereas he possessed black eyes in his initial lone appearance in Republic.

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