Bha'lir were jungle predators from the planet of Iyred. Though very gentle when treated with caution, the bha'lir were quite territorial and would respond violently if threatened.


The bha'lir typically traveled in small pack families consisting of a male, female, and six to seven cubs. Because the bha'lir mated for life, it was rare to see more than one male and female adult in a pack. When hunting, however, several bha'lir packs would often work together to exhaust their prey. Cubs and females ate before the males even though the males were bigger and stronger on avarage (this is true to real-life tigers where the males let the females and cubs eat first). This was the extent to which most bha'lir packs socialized.


Deforestation on Iyred drove the bha'lir so near to extinction that they were officially declared extinct despite the few refuges that still existed. One such refuge on Duunir was funded by the Black Bha'lir. The loyalty of bha'lir to their mates made preservation of their species even more difficult.


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