Bialar Selis was a Human male from Bespin who served in the Bespin Wing Guard during the Galactic Civil War. He was a rising star in the Guard and led the investigation for the stolen Jewel of Yavin.[1] Bialar was present just prior to the Occupation of Bespin in 3 ABY, accompanying Baron Administrator Lando Calrissian to Platform 327 to meet Han Solo for the first time in several years. Selis, alongside fellow Wing Guardsmen Corman Jeihn, Pedar Solardo, Gir Endac, Helder Spinoza, and Razell Tameron, proceeded to ambush an Imperial unit led by Lieutenant Sheckil while they were transporting Princess Leia Organa, Chewbacca, and C-3PO to Vader's shuttle, having been secretly notified by Calrissian via Lobot.



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