This article is about the sea creature. You may be looking for the Star Wars Resistance episode of the same name, or Trunks Bibo, a sentient Ortolan from Legends.

"No. It is joy! It is purest rapture!"
―Neeku Vozo, on Bibo[src]

Bibo was a juvenile male rokkna[2] adopted by Neeku Vozo in 34 ABY. After winding up on the Colossus after being caught inside a wrecked Z-95 Headhunter[1] from the Karavian Trench of Castilon's ocean[2] that was salvaged by Synara San, Vozo was taken with the creature immediately after seeing him and decided to adopt him as a pet and name him Bibo. However, this attracted the ire of his mother, a full-grown adult of the species, who threatened the entire platform while attempting to retrieve Bibo. After realizing Bibo was the creature's child, Vozo finally let Bibo go.[1]

After the sabotage of the Colossus, Kazuda Xiono asked Vozo who his friends were, causing the mechanic to mention a particular chair, Buggles, and note how he loved Bibo. Vozo then pondered what Bibo was currently doing.[3]

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