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"Bibo" is the twelfth episode of Star Wars Resistance Season One. It aired on January 13, 2019 on Disney Channel.

Official description[]

When Neeku adopts a strange sea creature as a pet, he gets way more than he bargained for. Meanwhile, Kaz and Synara encounter something monstrous in the Castilon oceans[3]

Plot summary[]

Friend from the deep[]

The episode opens with Kazuda Xiono and Neeku Vozo visiting Synara San at the Colossus loading docks. Synara has heard that they were looking for parts for the Fireball and shows them a starfighter which she has salvaged from the sea. Kaz says it is a Z-95 Headhunter but Neeku tells him that it is a Z-96. Kaz recognizes the fighter as a Z-95 from Reaper Squadron and points out that the squadron never used Z-96s during the Clone Wars. Synara compliments Kaz for his knowledge of military history.

Kaz offers her lunch in return for helping them out. Synara politely declines their offer, telling them that she is busy. Neeku says he likes food but Kaz tells him not now. Then, they hear a creature crying. Synara smells something bad and holds her nose. A slimy green creature emerges from one of the Z-95's engines. Synara asks what is that in disgust. Kaz replies that whatever it is it is ugly and reeks.

The creature jumps on top of his food container and Kaz engages in a tug of war with the creature for his lunch. Neeku grabs the creature and manages to restrain it. Synara tells Neeku not to touch it. Kaz remarks that it is far beyond disgusting. However, Neeku disagrees and cuddles the creature, saying that it looks like the pet that he had as a hatchling back at home. Neeku kisses the creature to the disgust of Kaz and Synara. Neeku names the creature Bibo and tells him that it shall be his friend forever. Neeku proceeds to kiss the creature several times while Kaz walks away.

Neeku's new pet[]

Back at Jarek Yeager's repair shop, Kaz complains about Bibo's stench but Neeku says that it is the creature's musk, which he quips that he finds more pleasant than Kaz's body odor. Kaz holds his breath while Tamara Ryvora jokes that she completely agrees. Kaz says "well real funny" but falls on his back after Bibo pulls the chair away from him.

Yeager then asks what is happening in here and sighs when he sees Bibo. He tells his crew that he tries to keep his rules "few and clear." Yeager adds that his garage's seventh rule is "no pets." Neeku kneels before Yeager and pleads that he will care for Bibo as his own. He promises to share his bunk and rations with Bibo and pleads with Yeager. Yeager reluctantly allows a Neeku to keep Bibo on the condition that he doesn't let him get out again. He warns that one more incident and Bibo goes. Neeku laughs in delight.

Yeager tells them to turn on the fan because this place reeks. Tam grumbles that the stabilizer from the Z-95 that Synara gave her doesn't work because it is corroded. Kaz says he will go back to the loading docks to see if he can find another one from Synara.

Synara's double life[]

Meanwhile, Synara contacts Kragan Gorr by holoprojector. Kragan chides her for missing her last report. Synara responds that she has been busy spying and asks what he wants. Kragan tells her that he has gotten some intelligence on her rescuers. He tells her that the two pilots who brought her here were from the Resistance. When Synara asks if he is sure, Kragan shows a photo of Poe Dameron and Kazuda Xiono with their droids BB-8 and CB-23 fighting Kowakian monkey-lizards.

Just then, Kaz arrives and Synara is forced to terminate her hologram conversation. Kaz asks what was that but Synara claims that it was just another salvager. Synara asks Kaz if there would be anymore Reaper Squadron fighters out there. Kaz responds that it is hard to say but possibly. Synara tells him that she has one more salvage run today and invites him along. The two descend down the launch chute in a salvage skiff.

Neeku's shatterpoint[]

Meanwhile, Neeku attempts to keep Bibo contained by erecting a pile of crates but the creature scurries away. R1-J5 ("Bucket") notices Bibo and Neeku sighs that Yeager will be displeased. Bibo then climbs onto the Fireball, annoying Tam who tries to distract him with a torchlight. Bibo then terrorizes Bucket by riding on the astromech droid, causing him to crash into several crates.

As Neeku cradles Bibo, Yeager tells him to get rid of the creature. Neeku then responds that he will also leave, provoking a gasp from Tam. BB-8 beeps. When a shocked Yeager asks what he said, Neeku tells Yeager that he has asked nothing from him in all his years of service but that if he rejects his precious Bibo he will resign. Bibo then runs away and Neeku rushes after him.

Tam tries to follow but Yeager warns her that he is not shutting this garage because of this "blob of jelly." Tam tells Yeager to cut Neeku a break because he cares about that creature. She points out that they always help Kaz out and that he has done far crazier stuff than this. Tam runs after Neeku.

All at sea[]

Meanwhile, Synara and Kaz sail on the salvage skiff into the sea. Kaz remarks that salvaging is exhausting work and that he is beat. Synara responds that they have only been out here for fifteen minutes. Synara asks Kaz who were those pilots who rescued her. Kaz feigns ignorance and claims that they were just pilots. He remarks that one of the pilots was handsome but says that is not important. Synara says that she will like to thank them because she feels indebted to them. Kaz responds that they are long gone.

Just then, Synara stops the motors in the middle of the sea. Leaning on Kaz, she tells him that she thinks she knows who he really is. She tells him that he is someone who likes to keep secrets much like her. Kaz tries to bluff his way out but Synara doesn't buy it. Before she can question him further, they sense movement and see a large sea creature rising out of the sea. Kaz says "you got to be kidding" as the creature swims past their skiff. Kaz suggests returning to the platform as a silhouette of the large sea creature approaches the Colossus.

Helping a friend[]

Back at the Colossus, Tam tracks down Neeku in the streets. She asks if he has found Bibo. A sad Neeku says he has looked everywhere but Bibo is gone. He laments that his "adorable trail of chaos and mayhem" ends here as he sobs on the ground. Tam comforts him by telling him that she is really sorry that this happens. Neeku counters that she wanted to get rid of Bibo like everyone else and sulks that he is gone. Tam says that she has never seen Neeku sad but he tells her to get used to it because he shall never be happy again without Bibo.

Tam reassure Neeku that we will find him. Neeku says that he has looked everywhere. Just then Tam receives word from Yeager via comlink that the engineering level is reporting a disturbance. Tam thanks Yeager for letting them know and tells Neeku that we really do care. Neeku is encouraged and says that they must hurry. Tam points out that engineering is a maze down there and asks how are they ever going to find Bibo. Neeku responds with the help of friends and tells her to follow him.

Kaz and Synara race on their skiff back to the Colossus as the creature approaches the platform. Synara asks what is the thing below them and Kaz realizes that it is heading to the platform. Just then, a giant serpentine head rises over the sea. Kaz tells Synara to punch the accelerator and their skiff narrowly avoids being crushed by the sea creature.

The "shell folk" and Eila's vision[]

Entering the engineering level, Neeku asks two Chelidae which way and they direct him to his left. Neeku and Tam encounter the two human refugees Kel and Eila, who have found Bibo. Neeku is delighted to see his pet again and lifts Bibo up.

Tam asks who are the Chelidae. Neeku tells her that the "shell folk" have been engineers down here for many years. She then reiterates that she meant the kids. Neeku introduces Tam to Kel and Eila and says they are helpers to the "shell folk." Kel waves while Eila says hello. When Tam asks if they live in engineering, the siblings nod their heads. Tam thanks them for finding Bibo because they have made Neeku very happy.

Eila bets that it won't last. When Tam asks why, Kel says that something is coming. Kel explains that his sister has dreamed about it for days and that when she has the same dream repetitively it comes true. Eila warns them that it is coming for Bibo and that if they don't make things right it will destroy the entire station to get Bibo.

When Tam asks if she knows what Bibo is, Eila responds that it is a sign of something very big coming. Kel adds that he sensed it in the air and noticed that the birds and fish of the deep have disappeared. Tam says she has a huge problem with vagrants and asks them what wants Bibo. Just then, they hear a low-pitched wail. Eila says that "thing" does.

A leviathan scorned[]

Kaz and Synara return to the loading docks on their salvage skiff. Kaz warns everyone in the market to get to safety and to head to the shelter. When Synara asks how do we get them to listen, Kaz decides to ring the private alarm but finds his path blocked by two security droids. When the security droid asks if he is intending to incite panic, Kaz replies that everyone needs to proceed. The droids unsheathe their arm-mounted blasters and warn Kaz and Synara that they will be arrested immediately.

Just then, a giant tentacle surfaces from the ocean. The traders and customers in the market panic. One of the droids fires at the tentacles while Synara activates the alarm. As the roofs retract, Kaz announces over the intercom that the platform is under attack and tells them to close all shield doors. As the tentacled creature grabs the Colossus, Captain Imanuel Doza orders that all security doors be closed and mobilizes Ace Squadron.

As Hype Fazon, Bo Keevil, Freya Fenris, Torra Doza, and Griff Halloran head to their racers, Captain Doza warns them not to use their missiles because the threat is too close to the platform. Ace Squadron launch their fighters and circle the platform. The sea creature grabs the platform with its tentacles.

Kaz finds that the market door is beginning to jam. Synara tells Kaz that she hopes he is a good pilot because now is the time to prove it. She tells him that she will hold the door while Kaz contacts Tam and Yeager and tells to prepare the Fireball. After tampering with the control panel, Synara manages to close the shield door.

Siege of the Colossus[]

Ace Squadron pepper the sea creature with blaster fire. Hype Fazon tells the pilots to stay high because those tentacles are faster than they look. Freya asks what is that thing. Hype says he doesn't know and remarks that it is ugly and that he can smell it from up here.

Back in engineering, Tam and Neeku hide with Bibo, Kel, Eila, and the Chelidae. When Neeku asks what is that thing, Tam says that is apparently a sign and tells Kel, Eila, and the "shell folk" to get to cover. She tells Neeku to follow her and the two rush back upstairs. While racing through the corridors, Tam looks at the window and asks what is the tentacled creature. Bibo begins chirping affectionately. Tam realizes that Eila is right and that the "thing" is hunting Bibo.

As the creature shakes the Colossus, Neeku asks why. Tam doesn't know but thinks that the creature wants to eat him. Kaz returns to Yeager's workshop and climbs aboard the Fireball. Tam then contacts him via comlink and tells him that she thinks the sea monster is hunting for Bibo. When Kaz asks what we should do, Yeager responds that they will not let anyone hurt Neeku's friend and tells Kaz to get airborne. Kaz flies the Fireball into the skies, joining Ace Squadron in peppering the sea monster.

Defending the Colossus[]

Kaz flies the Fireball towards the monster's head and remarks that it is huge. As he flies beside Torra Doza's racer, she waves back at him. Hype flies beside the Fireball and tells the unauthorized ship to clear the airspace. Kaz replies no can do because he is going to help them. Just then, one of the monster's tentacles slams into the steering vane of a yellow racer, causing it to crash.

Back in the corridor, Bibo begins panting. Tam tells Neeku that they are going to have to let Bibo go. Neeku protests that Bibo is not food. Tam asks what else can they do because the whole platform is at stake. Standing behind her are Jooks and Jace Rucklin. Jace tells Neeku to get that thing off the platform while a dark skinned human man named Vic adds that it will get them all. Jooks pleads with Neeku to give up Bibo. Backing away from them, Bibo protests that he will not give up Bibo.

Outside, Ace Squadron are unable to drive away the sea creature. Griff Halloran informs Captain Doza that they are unable to drive it away. Just then the sea monster surfaces and roads. Captain Doza gives Ace Squadron permission to use missiles within the perimeter. Hype tells his pilots to light the creature up. The missiles hurt the sea monster. Having the desired effect, Freya says she will come back for a second round.

Griff's racer is hit by one of the tentacles and begins listing. Kaz flies beside him and helps support his racer. Kaz flies the Fireball past Doza Tower and Captain Doza watches him.

Neeku's dilemma[]

Meanwhile, Tam tells Neeku that nothing else is working and that he has to give up Bibo. Cuddling Bibo, Neeku tells them that they are wrong and that he knows this. Just then, the creature raises it head and stares at them from outside the window. The creature makes eye contact with Bibo and Neeku realizes that he has to give up Bibo.

Neeku tells Kaz via comlink to stop the attack. When Kaz asks him to repeat his message, Neeku tells him to tell the ships to stop because he will give the creature what it wants. Kaz radios Hype Fazon telling him to order his ships to stand down. Hype protests but Kaz responds that they can't stop the creature with firepower but that his friend Neeku has what that thing wants.

When Freya reports that their weapons are not working, Neeku orders Ace Squadron to hold their fire. Neeku and Tam run out to the market platform as the creature approaches them. Neeku stares into the face of the sea monster and tells it that he has what it wants. He presents Bibo and the creature lowers one of its tentacles. Tam shouts in horror, thinking that the monster is going to crush them.

However, the creature instead lowers its tentacles to form a bridge. Bibo makes adorable sounds and Tam realizes that the creature is Bibo's mother. She remakes that "cute, little disgusting thing" grows into that. Neeku lowers Bibo onto the creature's tentacle and hugs it, bidding Bibo farewell. The sea monster lowers its head and returns to the sea. Neeku bows his head in sadness and Tam comforts him. They are joined by Yeager and Bucket. Shortly later, Kaz returns in the Fireball.

Kaz's gift[]

Later that evening, Kaz approaches Neeku with a container and presents him with a pet gorg named Lubo, hoping to cheer him up. Neeku eats it and thanks a shocked Kaz for being extremely considerate of him.


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