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In 34 ABY, an incident occurred on the Colossus platform on Castilon after Bibo, a juvenile rokkna, was accidentally brought on board inside of a wrecked Z-95 Headhunter salvaged by Synara San. Upon seeing the creature, Neeku Vozo instantly decided to adopt him and name him Bibo. He was unaware that Bibo's mother, a full-grown, enormous, adult of the species with the capability to destroy the platform, was heading to the Colossus intent on recovering her child.

Eila, a Force-sensitive girl in hiding on the platform with her brother Kel, had dreamed of the attack, and warned Vozo and Tamara Ryvora that the only way to save the platform would be to give Bibo to the attacker. The Ace Squadron, as well as Kazuda Xiono in the Fireball, struggled to drive the mother rokkna off. Vozo was deeply reluctant to give Bibo up, especially as he mistakenly assumed that the mother wanted to eat Bibo, until he deduced that the two were the same species. Vozo returned Bibo to his mother, after which the mother peacefully left.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

During the Cold War, Resistance pilots Kazuda Xiono and his mentor Poe Dameron rescued the Mirialan pirate Synara San during a mission to investigate a Darius G-class freighter.[5] Gaining the trust of Kaz and Team Fireball, Synara settled on the Colossus platform on the ocean world of Castilon. While working as a salvager in the platform's loading docks, she secretly spied for her leader Kragan Gorr, who led a pirate gang that secretly worked for the First Order, which desired control of the Colossus.[6]

One day, Synara salvaged a wrecked Clone Wars–era Z-95 Headhunter from the sea below. Kaz and his friend Neeku Vozo visited, hoping to obtain spareparts for Tamara Ryvora's starship Fireball. There, Neeku encountered a juvenile rokkna which he took an instant liking to and adopted, naming the creature Bibo. Neeku's new pet created strains with the other members of Team Fireball particularly his employer Jarek Yeager, who found the creature smelly and troublesome.[2]

The incident[edit | edit source]

The approaching storm[edit | edit source]

After Bibo caused a mess at Jarek Yeager's Repair Station, Yeager told Neeku to get rid of the creature. In response, Neeku threatened to resign. Neeku was distraught when Bibo disappeared and searched the Colossus with him. Taking pity on him, Tam joined Neeku's search and led him to the engineering level, which was home to the Chelidae and the human child refugees Kel and Eila, who had found Bibo and were looking after him. Eila told Tam and Neeku that she had experienced a Force vision of something coming for Bibo.[2]

Meanwhile, Synara received information from Kragan that her rescuers Kaz and Poe were from the Resistance. Synara took Kaz on her salvage skiff to sea in order to question him. However, they were interrupted by the appearance of an adult rokkna sea monster that turned out to be Bibo's mother. The two managed to flee back to the Colossus before the sea monster could devour or crush them. Upon arriving, Kaz and Synara alerted the inhabitants and rang the alarms.[2]

The leviathan's wrath[edit | edit source]

Bibo's mother wrapped her tentacles around the Colossus. Captain Imanuel Doza managed to close the shield doors before the rokkna could inflict further damage on the station. He then deployed the station's Ace Squadron consisting of Hype Fazon, Bo Keevil, Freya Fenris, Torra Doza, and Griff Halloran. The Aces' racers attacked Bibo's mother with their laser cannons but were unable to drive away the creature.[2]

Kaz also joined the dogfight in Tam's starship Fireball but was also unable to make a dent. In desperation, Captain Doza allowed Ace Squadron to deploy missiles but even these failed to drive away the sea monster. Meanwhile, Tam and Neeku realized that the monster had come for Bibo. Fearing that the monster wanted to eat Bibo, Neeku refused but gave in after the creature made eye contact with Bibo. In addition, several residents including Jooks and Jace Rucklin urged Neeku to give up Bibo.[2]

Reuniting mother and child[edit | edit source]

Taking a leap of faith, Neeku contacted Kaz by comlink and convinced him and the other pilots to call off the attack. Neeku then brought Bibo to a platform where they were met by the rokkna. Bibo's mother formed a bridge using one of her tentacles. After Bibo made adorable noises, Neeku and Tam realized that the creature was Bibo's mother. Neeku farewelled Bibo and the creature's mother departed peacefully.[2]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Neeku was saddened by having to return his pet Bibo to its mother but Tam comforted him. Later that evening, Kaz bought a pet gorg named Lubo for Neeku, hoping to cheer him up. However, Neeku mistook Lubo for food and ate him.[2]

Following the Bibo incident, Kaz repaired the Fireball. His improved mechanical skills impressed Tam, who had formerly resented his presence and Kaz using her starship.[3]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Bibo incident serves as the climax of the Star Wars Resistance Season One episode "Bibo," which premiered on January 13, 2019.

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