Biddeck-Va was a male Voss Commando living on Voss during the Galactic War. He possessed the Pendant of Bone, the talisman that opened the doors to the Hall of the Unforgotten in the Dark Heart of the Nightmare Lands, though he was unaware of its importance. In 3641 BBY Biddeck-Va went on a mission to kill Gormak chieftains in the Gormak Lands, where he and Commando Ono-Mi set up a base. When the Emperor's Wrath sought the audience with Biddeck-Va, Ono-Mi explained that his mission could last for months and he would not be available until it's over. The Sith had no time to wait and simply slaughtered the Gormak chieftains all alone, to the surprise of both Ono-Mi and Biddeck-Va. Seeking the chance to gain valuable service for what he viewed as mere trinket, Biddeck-Va asked the Sith to slay the Gormak warmaster as well, but the Emperor's Wrath refused and instead killed him and the other Voss.