"Ten years ago he was considered an up-and-coming young politician, one of the brightest to have come out of Imperial Center over the past decade."
―Vestin Axlon[src]

Bidor Ferrouz was a male Human who served as the governor of the Candoras sector as of 0 ABY, ruling from the Imperial palace on Poln Major in the Poln system. That year, Ferrouz contacted Alliance to Restore the Republic leader Vestin Axlon, and offered the Alliance a base in the Candoras region. However contacting the Rebellion was not Ferrouz's choice, he had been forced to do so as a set of conditions forced upon him by the Warlord Nuso Esva who had taken Ferrouz's wife and daughter hostage. Even though the Emperor's Hand Mara Jade was suppose to kill him originally for contacting the Rebellion, she later spared him, which was exactly what Emperor Palpatine wanted her to do, according to her later telepathic conversation with him.

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