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"A meiloorun? I didn't think they grew on Kardoa."
"They don't. But somehow Big-Mouth gets his mitts on one no matter where we're posted."
―Caleb Dume and Soot[src]

"Big-Mouth" was the nickname assumed by a clone of the bounty hunter Jango Fett. He served as a Clone Corporal in the Grand Army of the Republic in the battalion under the leadership of Jedi General Depa Billaba. Big-Mouth was one of four survivors of the battalion when it suffered ninety percent casualties to Separatist General Grievous during the Battle of Haruun Kal. He and the other three survivors of her battalion, Commander "Grey" Captain "Styles", and Sergeant "Soot," joined her new battalion, and this unit included Billaba's Padawan, Caleb Dume, and clone trooper CT-1157, who would gain the nickname "Stance." During Order 66, Big-Mouth was killed by Dume on the planet Kaller.


Disaster on Haruun KalEdit

"Not a lot of familiar faces, I'm afraid… the four of us are the only troopers remaining from your last command."
―Grey informs Billaba that he, Big-Mouth, Soot and Styles are the only survivors of Haruun Kal[src]
General Grievous duing the Outer Rim Campaign

Big-Mouth and the other troopers under Depa Billaba were defeated by General Grievous.

"Big-Mouth" was the nickname[3] assumed by one of the many clones of the bounty hunter Jango Fett created on the planet Kamino to serve as a clone trooper in the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic.[1] During the Clone Wars between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Clone Corporal Big-Mouth was assigned to the command of the Jedi General Depa Billaba and fought alongside her on[4] the planet[source?] Haruun Kal against forces led by the cyborg General Grievous,[4] the Supreme Commander of the Droid Army.[5] The battalion suffered ninety percent causalities,[6] and all but four of the clone troopers serving with Billaba—Big-Mouth himself, Soot, Styles and Grey—were killed.[4] The Jedi herself was injured to the point that she fell into a coma.[6]

Recon on KardoaEdit

"Trail's gone. There's no retreat."
"Contact the other squads and call in air support."
"Roger that.
―Big-Mouth reports to Billaba as they are ambushed[src]

After six months, Billaba awoke and took the youngling Caleb Dume as her padawan learner. The pair were assigned a mission to scout the planet Kardoa for Separatist activity and Clone Commander Gray re-gathered her four surviving colleagues to serve with her again including Big-Mouth, who held the rank of corporal. The commander also managed to have the veteran clones Lieutenant Remo and Corporals Mixx and Kaylon assigned to the battalion under Billaba's command, but was otherwise given inexperienced troopers fresh from Kamino to work with.[4]

Grey relayed this information the the Jedi and her padawan in a briefing while they camped out on Kardoa's surface. The next morning the operation began and the Republic forces split into five squads to search the canyons of the world. Big-Mouth was part of a team led by Billaba that also included Dume and the clone trooper CT-1157—one of the new troopers whom Big-Mouth kept a close eye on. As they traveled Dume and CT-1157 began joking about the short leash that Billaba and Big-mouth kept them on respectively, earning them disapproving looks from the general and the corporal.[4]

Skirmish on Kardoa

Big-Mouth ordered for CT-1157 to get back, but this order was ignored by the trooper.

As the pair joked, Billaba's squad came under attack from Separatist B1 battle droids that had been waiting in ambush, and Billaba ordered Big-Mouth to contact the other squads and request air support. The corporal tried to comply, but found that their signals were being jammed by the Separatists and informed that general that no help was coming. Billaba then ordered Big-Mouth to remain with Dume and keep the battle droids occupied while she slipped away to find the Separatist's command ship. The clone did as ordered, but quickly realized that Dume was fighting too far out in front of the rest of the Republic forces, leaving him exposed.[4]

The corporal tried to call the Padawan back, but was too late, as a series of blaster bolts struck Dume across the torso and knocked him to the floor. Ignoring Big-Mouth's orders to stay in cover, CT-1157 rushed out to defend his friend, destroying a trio of droids approaching the incapacitated Padawan. Billaba meanwhile had managed to locate the Separatist's shuttle and attacked it, causing the Separatist Colonel Coburn Sear to order a retreat off world so that his forces did not become stranded.[4]

Battle of MygeetoEdit

"General Billaba, I've taken the liberty of deploying most of the battalion… Remo, Soot, Big-Mouth, Mixx and Kaylon are all leading squads"
―Grey reports to Billaba after first arriving on Mygeeto[src]
Big-Mouth on Mygeeto

Big-Mouth visited Billaba in her bacta tank after the third Battle of Mygeeto.

The battalion's next assignment was to the war-torn world of Mygeeto, where they were tasked with clearing the Southern Mesas of Separatist forces during the Third Battle of Mygeeto. Big-Mouth gave Dume one of his trademark Meilroonuns before being assigned a squad to lead and setting out into the mesas. While he and his men were out in the field, Billaba, Grey, Styles, Dume and CT-1157, who now with the nickname Stance, returned to their camp after being rescued from battle droids by the Mandalorian Skull Squadron, only to be attacked again this time by Grievous and Sear.[7]

Big-Mouth and the other clones were called back for support, but before they arrived Sear managed to kill Stance, only to in turn be killed himself by Dume. Billaba sustained injuries while fighting Grievous, but was able to hold the cyborg off until the arriving reinforcements forced him to flee. Following the battle a burial service was held for stance and then the clones and Dume visited Billaba while she recovered in a bacta tank. Orders then came in for the battalion to head to the planet Kaller as soon as the general was battle ready.[8]

Order 66Edit

"Run or fight. But do not just stand there."
―Billaba prompts Dume to defend himself, resulting in Big-Mouth's death[src]
Soot and Big Mouths death

Big-Mouth was killed during Order 66.

On Kaller the Republic's forces engaged Separatist forces under the command of General Kleeve outside Plateau City, eventually routing them once they came close to the city walls. Kleeve and the remaining Separatist forces fled the planet, and after meeting with the Kalleran Gamut Key in Plateau City, Billaba ordered her men to set up camp for the night in the fields outside the city's walls.[9]

After darkness had set in, the clones sat around campfires in the fields, with Billaba sat with Dume, Styles and Grey. As they celebrated their victory, they received communication from Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine, issuing Order 66, a command to execute all members of the Jedi Order. Despite their friendship with Dume and Billaba, the clones had no choice but to comply due to inhibitor chips implanted in them by the Kaminoans on Palpatine's orders. Big-Mouth and the rest of the battalion opened fire on the general and the padawan, with Billaba killing Kaylon, Remo and Mixx before Dume could even react. The boy then used his lightsaber to deflect blaster bolts back into Big-Mouth and Soot, killing them both. Styles and Grey soon managed to kill Billaba, but Dume escaped the clones and went into hiding.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

Big-Mouth Dume and Soot

Big-Mouth was known for his love of meiloorun.

"You green kids have no business being out here!"
―CT-1157 impersonates Big-Mouth[src]

As a clone of Jango Fett, Big-Mouth stood 1.83 meters tall and had tan skin, brown eyes and black hair. By the time he was deployed on Kardoa he supported a large beard, which unlike his hair, was gray. Big-Mouth was known for his habit of constantly eating meilooruns, often sharing them with his comrades and being able to procure them even on worlds where they were not naturally found. He was unhappy with the fact that many of the clones in Billaba's battalion on Kardoa were so inexperienced, believing they should have more training before entering the field. As such he kept one such clone, CT-1157, on a short leash during their deployment.[4]

Big-Mouth initially teased Dume for his relative inexperience, but when the padawan took offence the clone explained he meant no harm and offered the boy some of his meiloorun. After seeing Dume fight eagerly during the first fighting on Kaldoa, the corporal commented that the boy was doing well, but later had to unsuccessfully try and prevent him from being gunned down while fighting too far from his own troops. Big-Mouth and Dume formed a bond while fighting together on Kardoa, and afterwards frequently offered him meilroonuns.[4] Despite this bond, he and the rest of the battalion turned on Dume and Billaba during Order 66 due to the bio chips in their brains.[3]


Big-Mouth wore Phase II clone trooper armor with green markings on the helmet during the battle of Kardoa and carried a DC-15A blaster carbine.[4] During the execution of Order 66 his helmet was unmarked.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Big-Mouth was created by writer Greg Weisman and illustrator Pepe Larraz for the Star Wars: Kanan series of comic books and first appeared in the second issue on May 6, 2015.[10] His initial appearance in the series showed his death,[3] but later issues of the comic showed Big-Mouth's earlier actions in the Clone Wars prior to Order 66, including his growing friendship with Caleb Dume.[4][7][8]


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