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Big Bunji was a small-time Zambarti crime lord and former associate of Han Solo from his days in the Corporate Sector. He was described as a large, lavender-hued humanoid with an enormous head and saucepan eyes.


When Bunji failed to repay a debt, Solo strafed his pressure dome, nearly killing him. He met back up with Han years later on the Jubilee Wheel in orbit around Ord Mantell under the alias of "Boss B". He was to give information on one of Han's former associates; Reck Desh. But their meeting was short-lived when the Yuuzhan Vong attacked, and he retreated into a type of stronghold deeper into the Wheel. He was last seen blasting out of the Jubilee Wheel's docking bay during the attack by Han and his Ryn co-pilot, Droma. He was later noted for giving Han information on Reck's whereabouts and next Peace Brigade operation. Bunji was also responsible for overseeing the shipment of spice from Nal Hutta to Corellia.

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