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Big Score was an Action IV transport operated by Antan Azzameen.


Shortly before the Battle of Endor, the Galactic Empire declared the Azzameen family traitors and moved to nationalize the assets of Twin Suns Transport Services with the assistance of security forces from Viraxo Industries. Antan Azzameen took Big Score to remove whatever family assets he could from Twin Suns storage facilities, accompanied by Emon Azzameen in the Andrasta. Andrasta returned to the Azzameens' planned rendezvous, but Big Score was presumed captured. The Rebels later attacked the Azzameen Station, which had been sold to a mercenary group that was harassing the Bothans, and Big Score was seen operating in the area. The whereabouts of Antan Azzameen and Big Score during the intervening months was unclear, but Antan soon contacted Ace and Aeron and promised them to explain why he was present there. He also asked them to help him rescue their captured family members Tomaas and Galin, who were presumed dead. After Andrasta and Otana followed Big Score to a Golan III platform near Kessel, Antan betrayed Ace, Aeron, and Emon to the Empire. The Azzameen siblings were able to protect themselves from the incoming TIEs until family friend Dunari unexpectedly showed up and helped them escape the ambush. During the ambush, Antan fled the scene aboard the Big Score, having been amnestied by the Empire in exchange for the Azzameen children.



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