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"A thousand thanks, yes, yes! Oh my, my, it was a good day for Biitu when you arrived!"
Pitor, to Rex[7]

Biitu was the Biituian homeworld in the Cassandran Worlds region.


Biitu was an agriworld in the Cassander sector of the Outer Rim Territories.[8] It was home to several species of plants, including a fruit tree that produced an orange-colored, edible fruit, and a green-stalked plant that produced a yellow, cylindrical crop. Both of these species were cultivated by the native Biituians. The planet was also home to an orange-plumed, flight-capable bird, a yellow, burrowing reptile,[2] and the timid Biituian fen-hare.[4] Mungo Baobab, a visitor to the planet, rode a rockhopper while scouting out on the planet's surface.[2]


Biitu during the Clone Wars

Biitu was a low-tech agriworld. During the Outer Rim Sieges of the Clone Wars, Jedi General Traavis led clone forces to war against the CIS on this planet.[5] When Mungo Baobab discovered a valuable fuel source on Biitu, the Galactic Empire dispatched a gigantic evil droid called the "Great Heep" to capture Mungo and take control of the planet and turn it into a wasteland. With the aid of a small boy named Fidge and his pet, Chubb, the R2-D2 and C-3PO devised a daring scheme to free Mungo, defeat the forces of the Empire and liberate Biitu from the Great Heep.[2] During the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance kept a small outpost on Biitu from where they could launch supply shuttles to nearby systems, since it was a planet the Galactic Empire had generally ignored after the incident with the Great Heep[source?].

From 4 ABY to 12 ABY, the planet became part of the Pentastar Alignment until the death of Ardus Kaine. It would soon become part of the Imperial Remnant.[6]



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