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A 327th Star Corps BARC trooper

Biker Advanced Recon Commando troopers were specialized clone troopers trained to handle the BARC speeders deployed during the Clone Wars.


91st Reconnaissance Corps troopers

BARC troopers saw action during the last years of the war, including the Battle of Kashyyyk, where the BARC troopers faced Confederacy tank droids and DSD1 dwarf spider droids. A platoon of these troopers, the 91st Reconnaissance Corps,[1] under Commander Neyo was out on a recon mission on Saleucami with Stass Allie when the platoon commander received Order 66. He carried out his orders without hesitation, once again proving the loyalty of the clone troopers.

The BARC trooper was one of the many specialized clone units bred on Kamino to operate new equipment introduced into the Grand Army of the Republic. They were a specialized branch of the limited ARC troopers, trained to handle vehicles. BARC troopers worked exclusively with BARC speeder bikes, and were trained to fly these vehicles at high speeds even across difficult terrain or dangerous battlefields. Many BARC troopers, although not all of them, wore a modified variant of the regular clone trooper armor, with a blindered helmet that directs the trooper's view directly forwards, allowing him to better concentrate on his route. This armor was used by 41st Elite Corps[2] troopers during the Battle of Kashyyyk. Other BARC trooper units in different divisions of the GAR would wear different armor, such as those of the 327th Star Corps. By the end of the Clone wars there were several different speeder bikes. The swamp speeder was driven by a powerful turbofan, and could sit two clones side by side with a repeating blaster socket in the back. After the rise of the Galactic Empire, the modified helmet and armor evolved into that of the Empire's scout troopers, who also used speeder bikes.


A BARC trooper on patrol on New Plympto during the early days of the Galactic Empire.


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