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Bilbousa was the capital city and foremost spaceport on the swamp world of Nal Hutta. The city was a sprawling mess consisting of squat and uninspiring buildings covered in arching roots that spread out from looming bulbous pods. The streets of the city were filled with bounty hunters, mercenaries and petty criminals, all hoping to work their way up the local power structure. Despite Nal Hutta's near perpetual swampy rain and the thick, foul mist that covered the planet, Bilbousa offered numerous outdoor cafes and eateries.[4]

The city sat within sight of crime lord Gardulla Besadii the Elder's Palace, one of the largest buildings on Nal Hutta and the occasional seat of the Grand Hutt Council, ruling body of the Hutt Clan that controlled the planet. Due to the settlement's proximity to the palace, the shops in the market stocked a surprising abundance of rare and unusual goods, while the spaceport did a roaring trade in second hand vessels, although both were places of low intrigue and sudden violence. Many of the goods sold in the city were made up of the possessions of those who fell foul of the Hutts or failed to take the necessary care around Bilbousa's inhabitants. Despite its size and well-stocked markets, Bilbousa was not a place to conduct business, as most of Nal Hutta's dealings with offworlders were conducted on the moon Nar Shaddaa.[4]

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