Bilbringi was a service platform in the Bilbringi system that was owned and operated by Twin Suns Transport Services.

Bilbringi, like its cousin, the Twin Sun Station and the drydock Bilbringi, was a repair yard owned by the Azzameen family at least since 3 ABY. After the Azzameen family's interests were seized by the Galactic Empire and their business rivals, Viraxo Industries, Bilbringi remained as possibly the family's only remaining station from which to operate its vast fleet of transports. The fact that Bilibringi was never seized implies that its existence is unknown to either the Empire or the Viraxo.


Like Twin Sun Station, the facility's main function was to serve as a hub for the Azzameen family's transport fleet, as well as a center of repairs for civilian vessels.


The station is a product of the Telgorn Corporation, and like many of that company's previous designs, takes on the role of shipyard and repair yard. It has drydock facilities for at least two large starships, but can accommodate many more vessels if they are of a smaller size. It is also suited for shuttles and transports.

This station is totally unarmed.


As aforementioned, Bilbringi was one of the only Azzameen-owned facilities to remain in operation after the business was seized by the Empire. During the year 3 ABY, shortly before the discovery of the Death Star II, Aeron Azzameen discovered that a Rebel Alliance shipyard in the Vergesso Asteroids was in desperate need of supplies, and so she commissioned a fleet of transports to steal supplies from a Viraxo facility that harbored these particular supplies. This operation would result in a significant payoff from the Rebel Alliance that would assist the financially-deprived Azzameen family. However, it was to be conducted in secret and without the knowledge of Antan Azzameen, who had little desire to help the Rebels. Aeron and her brother Ace arrived at Bilbringi on board the Otana, where they linked up with six cargo ferries from Juno Group and two Modular conveyors from Lara Group. The task force then set out to raid the Viraxo facility where the targeted supplies were being stored.


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