This article is about the Binaros sabercat. You may be looking for the saber cat on Monastery.

The Binarian sabercat was a predator native to the planet Binaros in the Kathol Outback. A huge feline animal, the Sabercat had eight powerful legs tipped with large paws ending in razor sharp claws. The sabercat was able to bring four of these paws to bear on an opponent at any time. Huge incisors gave the sabercat a vicious bite. The sabercat also had a two-meter long tail that ended in a bony tip. While dangerous looking, the sabercat did not use the tail to attack prey. Instead, it was used in the sabercat's mating rituals. Typical sabercats had thick brown-tan fur with green splotches. The coloration of the fur assisted the predator in stalking prey by giving it a natural camouflage. In 8 ABY, the Defel Kl'aal, cornered and killed a Binarian sabercat on Binaros during the layover of the FarStar on the planet.



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