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CLL-M2 Binary Loadlifter

"Vaporators! Sir, my first job was programming binary loadlifters—very similar to your vaporators in most respects."

Binary loadlifters were low-level labor droids that functioned in a cargo-loading capacity. Binary loadlifters were one of the best examples of the pre-Republic droid inventions in the galaxy's murky history. Most loadlifters had two strong hydraulic limbs which could slide underneath crates and other cargo, although some had strong grasper-like claws for smaller cargo. Each droid sported yellow markings as a caution system. All loadlifters had a single photoreceptor that doubled as a cargo code reader. Behind the photoreceptor was a binary broadcast antenna, and below that was a repulsorlift counterweight, which helped the droid with particularly heavy loads. Two wide magna-pod feet and hydraulic durasteel limbs gave the droid remarkable stability when lifting or moving cargo.

Loadlifters only knew binary, but could understand simple commands. A complicated order was best left to a protocol droid.

Binary loadlifters were very dull witted. A well-known example of this was an incident on the planet Stassia in which a loadlifter stacked crate after crate on top of one another, the floorboards straining beneath the weight and finally collapsing. The loadlifter looked down the very deep hole, and returned for another crate. With no guidance for such a situation, it continued its work and dropped every crate down the hole.

Infamously, the Trade Federation, when making preparations for the eventual Invasion of Naboo, covered up the suspicious-looking components to the various vehicles by claiming that they were simply the latest, most expensive model of binary loadlifters when undergoing checks by the Republic Customs Office.

C-3PO believed he had initially been employed in the preparation of binary loadlifters, after his memory was erased aboard the Sundered Heart.[1]

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