"Theysa put us into the regiment serving under General Binks. It was his first day as a general. That didna make me feel very bombad."
―Oma Prumba[src]

Binks's forces were a regiment of militiagungs that served under[1] Bombad General[2] Jar Jar Binks during the Battle of Naboo. Among the forces were Captain Roos Tarpals—who had requested to serve under Binks to advise the new officer and better safeguard the militiagungs—and Oma Prumba, a militiagung from the small city of Otoh Langua. While this soldier was ready, Prumba was also rather scared and unnerved with the knowledge that it was Bink's first day as a general.[1]

During the battle in the Great Grass Plains, when the Federation's B1 battle droids moved through the Gungan Army's deflector shield, Tarpals understood bloodshed was inevitable. The captain defended Binks and tried to keep the Gungan regiment a fighting unit, but Binks's random actions during the battle, which took down several battle droids, made Prumba and the other soldiers believe he had been gifted by their gods. Following his lead, the militiagungs fired an entire sack of boomas from a catapult and let a fambaa lose, resulting in a number of battle droids being trampled. While Binks ordered the Gungans to retreat and the army was surrounded, Prumba and the others intended to rush the Droid Army anyway. However,[1] Anakin Skywalker was able to destroy the Droid Control Ship Vuutun Palaa, making every battle droid shut down and resulting in a victory for the Naboo and Gungans.[2] After the battle, Prumba liked to think the victory was a result of destiny.[1]

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