Binring Biomedical Product was a medical research company.


Based in the city of Lurark on Saffalore, Binring was originally an Imperial supplier. They produced field rations and other foodstuffs for the Imperial Military, and engineered animals to adapt to planetary environments. Binring also conducted secret research for the Empire. At the time of the Galactic Civil War, the company also monitored many incubator units that were used to bio-engineer creatures. When a rare mutation occurred, the company was immediately informed.[1] The company was taken over by Warlord Zsinj some time after he began assembling his financial empire, with the help of Doctor Tuzin Gast. One of Zsinj's special projects, Project Chubar, took place at Binring. Then in 8 ABY, Zsinj had the special project laboratory moved to his flagship, Iron Fist. Wraith Squadron then attacked the facility, and captured Edda Gast, who took over the lab after her uncle's suicide.



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