Bio-Lab 242 was a laboratory onboard the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Vector.


In 1 BBY, when Zahara Cody was stranded aboard the Vector due to the decimation of the crew of the Purge, the laboratory contained dozens of empty glass enclosed cells, and the ventilation systems had been offline for some time. Several of the computer terminals were broken, with keys scattered across the floor of the laboratory. However, one terminal remained operational, with the screen displaying text and awaiting a response. The computer controlled a panel in the wall, which moved away to reveal another cell, which contained two yellowed corpses dangling from the ceiling from various tubes and wires. Each had a wire going into its chest which contained a black liquid. When Cody activated the wall panel, the ventilation system of the cell activated, and the two corpses fell away from the wires and tubes, save for the ones containing the black fluid. The corpses had turned into zombies. They then began to sway from side to side, before beginning to slam themselves into the glass. This left large red smears on the glass. Also inside the laboratory, she was attacked by an infected scientist. After the scientist was defeated with the help of a 2-1B surgical droid, she left to find an undisturbed console in the hangar area.


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