Biohexacrypt code being used on a First Order vessel

Bio-hexacrypt, or biohexacrypt code, was an incredibly secure form of code encryption,[1] developed by Kupohans.[2]

Used during the New Republic era and most prominently by the First Order, bio-hexacrypt was used to secure valuable data, such as data networks and clearance codes.[1] Notably, the Supremacy's clearance codes were bio-hexaencrypted, and re-scrambled every hour; leading Finn and Rose Tico to seek out the Master Codebreaker to gain access.[3]

DJ was capable of handcrafting custom computer spikes and bypass keys capable of befuddling bio-hexacryption, albeit only temporarily.[1]

The Master Codebreaker kept his real identity a secret, but posted his personal data on a public access node wrapped in a quantum-spread bio-hexacrypt code.[1] Anyone capable of cracking the code was welcome to claim his title of Master Codebreaker; though, as of the Mission to Canto Bight, no one had even come close.[1]


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