The symbol for biological hazard

Biohazard was a term used to describe any biological condition or agent that that posed a threat to the health of living organisms, whether animal or vegetal. Biological hazards could be the results of an accident, a natural disaster or a bioweapon designed with deliberate, malicious intent. The Blue Shadow Virus,[1] the swamp gas,[2] and the Imperial bioweapons Project I71A were examples of bioweapons causing hazards.[3] There existed many types of survival gears that allowed to protect one's body against such biological threat. Those included the multipurpose enviro-suits,[4] the biohazard hood, and hazmat gear[1] There also existed vehicles, such as SoroSuub Corporation's S-130 Shelter speeder, that were designed to protect its passengers from biohazards.[1]

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A biohazard warning sign reading "TOXIC"

A unique, sun-shaped biohazard symbol was created for Blue Shadow Virus (episode), the seventeenth episode of first season of the television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.[1] However, the real-life, trefoil-shaped biohazard sign had already appeared in the video game Star Wars Galaxies.[5]

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