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Bioluminescence was the production of light by certain living organisms.[1] Typically, those organisms thrived in environments where light was limited, such as deep sea beds or caverns. Bioluminescence was used for a variety of purposes, including attracting pollinators and prey.[2]

Because the planet of Umbara was constantly submerged in darkness, bioluminescent plants like the Zabrak spine were common there. Such plants were also common in the darkest depths of Mon Cala's oceans,[2] as exemplified by the Mon Cal microplankton.[3]

A species of bioluminescent orchid grew in the rain forests of Yavin 4,[4] and bioluminescent lichen could be found in caves on Alpinn.[5]

The gangster "Big" Sturg Ganna had a suite with fountains which included bioluminescent algae which cast a bluish glow.[6]



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