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A Rebel using a portable bio-scanner

A bioscan, or bioscanner, was a scanner and diagnostic package designed to identify and analyze the biological composition and medical status of living beings. Stationary units were dedicated sensor arrays built into a sturdy framework that was lowered onto a patient. The array included a medtox detector, vapro-sampler, and doppraymagno scanner, all connected to an analysis computer. In addition to medical applications, the bioscan could be used to identify more than a thousand alien species. It could be recalibrated to serve as a surveillance device, detecting and analyzing power sources, but only able to detect communication transmissions, and weapon signatures within an extremely limited range. Another use was on the Swokes Swokes homeworld of Makem Te, where most buildings were equipped with bioscanners, as the devices could tell the relative status of everyone on the premises based on the number of jewels implanted on their bodies.[1]



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