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A bioweapon was a genetically engineered pathogen developed and used as a military weapon. It was often, although not always, designed to affect only a specific species or number of species.


Bioweapons have been in use in various times and by various cultures in the course of history. Apparently, their use was not exclusive to the known galaxy either, as Ship remembered the use of the Plague bomb in an ancient war in a far-away galaxy. In addition, the extradimensional Charon were known to employ bioweapons extensively.

The Blue Shadow Virus bioweapon

Bioweapons such as Trihexalon were known in the time of the Old Republic. Rokur Gepta used a bioweapon contained in his electromagnetic torpedo to devastate the planet Tund, and kill its inhabitants around 5 BBY.

During the Battle of Loedorvia of the Clone Wars, Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies General Grievous authorized the release of Loedorvian Brain Plague into the Weemell sector, which destroyed Republic armies and nearly all humans on the planet. Sometime afterwards, Grievous proposed the usage of more biological weapon usage in the Outer Rim.

The Galactic Empire developed a number of bioweapons during its time as the dominant galactic government, perhaps the most infamous being the Emperor's Plague and a number of other species-specific agents. After the Empire's fragmentation, the various succeeding Imperial Warlords continued to develop new pathogens. The most infamous use of bioweapons in Galactic history was probably the deliberate release of the Krytos virus on Coruscant by Ysanne Isard.

As technology progressed, bioweapons became more refined. In 11 ABY, Imperial scientists had developed sophisticated Nano-destroyers, artificial viruses keyed to a target's genetic makeup that were not only incurable but also completely undetectable by conventional medical means.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, both sides deployed bioweapons. The extragalactic Yuuzhan Vong destroyed several entire planets, most notably Ithor, using various biological agents, and infected a number of Jedi with Spore diseases.[1] Although the New Republic never sanctioned its use, Galactic Alliance Intelligence deployed the Alpha Red weapon on the planet Caluula, wiping out its Yuuzhan Vong population but destroying the natural environment.[2]

Prior to 127 ABY, agents of the One Sith including Sith Lady Darth Maladi and Yuuzhan Vong Shaper Zenoc Quah sabotaged the joint Jedi-Yuuzhan Vong Ossus Project which aimed to terraform war-torn worlds.[3] They infected the terraforming processes with the Vongspawn virus that caused flora and fauna to mutate and painful growths to appear on sentients. The ensuing tensions sparked the Sith–Imperial War which consolidated Sith-Imperial dominance over the galaxy by 130 ABY.[4]

During the Second Imperial Civil War, the Sith scientist Vul Isen developed viral spores capable of poisoning all organisms on a planet's oceans within days, rendering it uninhabitable. These were deployed as part of the Mon Calamari Genocide on Dac and later on Da Soocha.[5][6]

By 138 ABY, Darth Maladi had developed an improved version of Alpha Red known as Omega Red which was capable of eradicating entire species. Following the deployment of Darth Krayt elite Sith troopers during the Battle of Taivas, Emperor Roan Fel made a deal with Maladi to deploy the weapon during an assault on Coruscant. In reality, this played into the hands of her master Darth Krayt. It was capable of destroying all sentient lifeforms with the exception of members of the One Sith who were immune to its effects. However, Fel was killed by Antares Draco before he could deploy the deadly bioweapon on Coruscant.[7]

Workings and use[]

Bioweapons could be synthetically developed, such as Nano-destroyers, or refined from existing substances, such as the Alpha Red pathogen, which was refined from Bafforr tree pollen. While most bioweapons did not see general use (those employed by the Yuuzhan Vong being the exception), they could be used for a variety of purposes. Lethal pathogens such as the Hive virus could be used for annihilating entire populations, while others were more subtle. For example, the Vira606 was administered by the Imperial Security Bureau to some of its agents, making them dependent on constant antiserum injections and ensuring their loyalty.




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