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This article is about the celebration of one's birth. You may be looking for the Alderaanian tradition known as a Name Day.

Torra Doza's birthday party

"Happy birthday, Ezra Bridger."
―Sabine Wren[1]

A birthday,[2] also known as a name day,[3] was a day that marked the anniversary of an individual's birth. Ezra Bridger was born on the day that the Galactic Empire rose to power, making his birthday the same day as Empire Day.[2] It was customary to give gifts to others on their birthdays[4] and to prepare them decorated cakes.[5] For example, the Jedi Master Wishan once created a set of clay figures as a 72nd birthday present for the Jedi Temple's librarian.[6]

Leia Organa's birthday was three or four days before her Name Day. Organa didn't know her birthday for sure and didn't care as she'd become a princess of Alderaan on her Name Day and that was the anniversary she celebrated, most notably[7] in 3 BBY[8] with her Day of Demand.[7]


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