Sergeant Bislav Merril was a male Human and a member of the Bespin Wing Guards at the time of the Battle of Hoth.[2]



Merril, hard at work

Bislav Merril was a veteran of the Clone Wars on the side of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He refused to talk about this time with his colleagues.[3]

Merril was an older man who was known as one of the most tyrannical Sergeants of the Wing Guards; Utris M'Toc named him a sworn enemy because Merril looked down on his troops with disdain.[2] In 3 ABY Merril and Sergeant Edian escorted Han Solo, who was frozen in carbonite, to the East Platform and delivered him to Boba Fett's Slave I.

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Sergeant Merril was played by Alan Harris in The Empire Strikes Back.

Merril's first name of Bislav was first revealed in the Rogues Gallery of Star Wars Insider 148.



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