The Bissillirus system was a star system located within the Trax sector in the Mid Rim region of the galaxy centered around the star Bissillirus.


The Bissillirus system was discovered and catalogued by Galactic Republic scouts around 200 BBY[2] who were trying to map a hyperlane through the outskirts of the Thornhedge Nebula.[3] Its discovery was the result of misfortune, but the scouts swiftly realized that they had uncovered a system with vast potential for trade. When the hyperdrive of the starship cut out, expedition commander Arnoth Draenell was relieved to discover that his scout ship had brought him to a planetary system. A survey revealed five planets, one of them habitable, later called Draenell's Point. The ship's crew went to work on the hyperdrive, while Draenell mapped and named each of the worlds. He recorded in his log that the system could serve as an excellent resupply stop for anyone traveling the Terr'skiar Pass hyperlane. However, the system was then left behind and ignored for a half-century.[2]



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