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Bitey was the pet gorg of the merchants Flix and Orka, so named because he tended to think people's fingers were food and bite them.The Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono acquired Bitey as food for Flix and Orka. However, the two merchants adopted him as their pet. Bitey later helped Kaz to stop the First Order from stealing a phase connector.


Finding a new homeEdit

Bitey was one of the gorgs being sold by the Klatooinian merchant Bolza Grool aboard the Colossus during the New Republic era. The Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono had acquired the gorg as part of a deal he made with Flix and Orka to trade them lunch in exchange for used starship parts he could use to repair the Fireball for his race against Torra Doza, by promising the vendor, Grool, to put his logo on the ship in exchange for the animal. Due to how long it took Xiono, Flix and Orka were already eating lunch, but took the gorg and kept the deal anyway.[3]

Instead of eating the gorg, Flix and Orka decided to keep him as a pet and gave him a name. Kaz and the BB-series astromech droid BB-8 encountered Bitey while visiting the Office of Acquisitions to obtain a new CoMar Tri-Tracker chip for the Colossus' turbolaser defense system. Bitey landed on top of BB-8, annoying him.[4]

The phase connector heistEdit

Later, Bitey was present at the Office of Acquisitions when Kaz was manning the store while Flix and Orka were away visiting Flix's mother. Kaz also look after the gorg but was annoyed by Bitey's tendency to bite people's fingers. Bitey also bit the Keteerian criminal Teroj Kee, who had come to steal a phase connector.[2]

Bitey accompanied Kaz aboard Terroj's Darius G-class freighter during an attempt to recover the phase connector. Bitey helped Kaz by disabling the power cables, causing the ship to crash into the sea. Though the two were separated, Bitey managed to escape the sinking ship and was rescued by Kaz. As a result, Kaz gained a better appreciation for the gorg.[2]

The occupationEdit

During the First Order's occupation of the Colossus, Bitey along with his owners Flix and Orka, and the DUM-series pit droid GL-N hid inside a crate. Flix's plan was to smuggle themselves offworld in order to escape First Order occupation. During the Escape of the Colossus, Kaz found them hiding inside and informed that the station was underwater.[5]

Personality and traitsEdit

Bitey was a male Gorg with gray skin and turquoise eyes. He had a habit of biting people and earned the nicknamed "Bitey."[2] Bitey got along with his owners Flix and Orka. He was intelligent enough to help Kaz disable a First Order freighter carrying a phase connector offworld.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Bitey first appeared in the first episode of Star Wars Resistance "The Recruit", which premiered on October 7, 2018. He made several cameo appearances through the series' first season.



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