The black-powder pistol was an archaic slugthrower pistol that used a combustible powder to launch a physical projectile.


The black-powder pistol was an ornate, long-barreled handgun with a decorated grip often inlaid with semiprecious stones. Because of its antiquated status, its usage or possession was hardly regulated. A black-powder pistol had to be reloaded after each shot, making it largely ineffective in modern combat. Black-powder pistols were unreliable and required frequent maintenance. Despite these limitations, their main benefit was that knowledgeable explorers could usually scrounge together the materials to produce ammunition no matter where in the galaxy they might be. A set of 50 shots of ammunition could be purchased for 5 credits per set.[2]

The black-powder pistol was usually found in a collector's items or functional museum reproductions, some of which were made by Yctor Arms.

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