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"And if you do not find a crystal… remember..you must leave the cavern before the entrance closes..or you will be trapped inside.. forever!"
―The Black Cavern[1]

The Black Cavern was a sentient cave on the Forest Moon of Endor. It contained sun crystals, which, on occasion, had been stolen from the cavern. In 3 ABY, the Ewok Wicket Warrick mistakenly broke the sun crystal that had been a symbol for the Ewoks for around a hundred years. Desparate to prove his courage, Warrick traveled to the Black Cavern in search of a new crystal. Unbeknownst to him, he was followed by the Dulok Boogutt, who also wished to obtain a crystal.

While inside the cave, Warrick discovered a sun crystal, but Boogutt beat him to taking it. It was then that the guardian of the sun crystal arrived to try and prevent the two individuals from leaving. After a lengthy chase through the cave, Warrick and Boogutt were able to escape, finding that several Ewoks and Duloks had arrived at the cavern entrance hoping to save their respective young. However, the guardian pulled Boogutt back in, leading Warrick to save him but destroying the newfound sun crystal in the process.


Early usage and Wicket's failure[]

"I..I seek the sun crystal!"
"A sun crystal, eh? Well, many have tried but few have succeeded, young scout!"
―Wicket and the Black Cavern[1]

The sun crystal (far right) from the Black Cavern, prior to its destruction

The Black Cavern was a sentient cave on the Forest Moon of Endor. It was the home of the sun crystals, which many individuals had tried to retrieve from the cavern over the years, although few had succeeded. Around one century prior to[1] 3 ABY,[2] one of the sun crystals was taken from the Black Cavern by a group of Ewok warriors as a test of courage, although many died in the process. The crystal acted as a symbol of Ewok courage for the next hundred years.[1]

However, in 3 ABY,[2] the young Ewok scout Wicket Warrick accidentally destroyed the sun crystal, leading him to be reprimanded by Head Elder Kazak, who was angry at him for destroying the decades-old Ewok symbol. After Warrick overheard the elder note to Chief Chirpa that he felt the Ewoks' mission to the Black Cavern had been a true test of courage, he decided to redeem himself by procuring a new crystal from the cavern. Once Warrick's friend Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka discovered that the breakage of the sun crystal was not actually Warrick's fault, she rushed to tell him only to discover that he was already gone. She and another friend, Teebo, ran to Chirpa to let him know. He suggested that the medicine man Logray be consulted, although the shaman's viewing crystal had already revealed to him the news that not only had Warrick gone after the Black Cavern, but so had the Dulok prince Boogutt.[1]

Wicket dares to enter[]

"Who wishes to enter the Black Cavern?"
"[Gulp!] W-Wicket the Ewok, s-sir!"
―The Black Cavern and Wicket[1]

Wicket approaches the cavern.

Once Warrick arrived at the location of the cavern, he found only a blank wall in the side of the rock. It was then that the Black Cavern revealed itself, asking who intended on entering. Warrick nervously gave his name, explaining that he was looking for a sun crystal. The cavern was intrigued at the scout's wish, noting that while many had tried, few had succeeded, and that were the Ewok to indeed find a sun crystal, he would need to leave the cavern prior to the entrance closing. If he ran out of time, he would be trapped forever. Despite the potential repercussions, Warrick felt that he had no choice and entered the cave, with Boogutt following suit, hoping to score an easy sun crystal. Once inside, Warrick had trouble finding his way around due to the darkness, but he eventually came to a glowing spot, which he quickly deduced was the crystal.[1]

In his excitement, Boogutt ran toward Warrick's find, revealing his presence and allowing Warrick to catch him. The Ewok was surprised by the Dulok's appearance, who revealed that it was he who had caused Warrick to break the original crystal in the first place. Before Warrick could even get angry at the prince, Boogutt grabbed the newfound crystal and attempted to escape with it, but it was then that its guardian came out from beneath the ground, asking who had dared to try and steal it. Boogutt tried to pin the blame on Warrick, tossing him the cystal and running toward the entrance, but the guardian announced that no one was permitted to leave, and the Dulok screamed in fright as he was chased. Warrick, with the crystal in hand, discovered a new tunnel that the two could use to escape, so he led Boogutt down it in the hope that it led to the entrance.[1]

Escaping… twice[]

"Wicket! No! the entrance is closing!"
"Well, I'll just have to put a stop to that!"
―Kneesaa and Wicket[1]

Boogutt is drawn back into the Black Cavern.

Warrick and Boogutt ran down the tunnel's path, eventually coming to a gorge. Several vines hung from the ceiling, allowing the pair to swing across. Boogutt was scared and refused to do so, but the guardian came close, and Warrick was forced to grab him and save him himself. As the monster was still gaining on them, the Ewok motioned for Boogutt to run, as the entrance was near and still open. At the same time, a party of Ewoks and Duloks who had banded together to try and save their respective young from the cavern arrived, finding the two being spit out by the Black Cavern's mouth. They began to celebrate their return, but their happiness was short lived when the guardian reached through the cavern's mouth and grabbed Boogutt, taking him back in.[1]

The entrance also began to close, putting Boogutt's life in danger. Warrick was committed to helping him, using the new sun crystal to jam the entrance open and get inside the cave. He found Boogutt hanging onto a rock as the guardian tried to pull him in. The Ewok grabbed Boogutt's knife and stabbed the creature, forcing him to release the young Dulok. The two then jumped out of the cave at the last chance, just as the cavern's mouth closed and crushed the sun crystal to pieces. The Duloks then left, with Boogutt's father, King Gorneesh, angry at his son for letting the Ewoks save him. Kazak was present as well, and he commended Warrick for his courage in that day's events. All of the Ewoks then left the cavern to go home.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"The choice is yours! Enter!"
―The Black Cavern[1]

The Black Cavern was willing to trap young Ewoks and Duloks inside the cave for eternity. The Black Cavern gave Warrick a choice of whether or not to come in the cave but at the same time shouted "Enter!" as though to persuade him. The cavern was yellow on the outside and appeared blank unless it revealed itself, and inside there were many tunnels and pathways. The darkness of the tunnels led to it being named the "Black Cavern."[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Black Cavern appeared in the thirteenth issue of the Ewoks comic series, which was written by David Manak, illustrated by Warren Kremer, and published by Marvel Comics[1] on February 3, 1987. Prior to the comic's release, the Black Cavern was mentioned as the "Labyrinth of Black Caverns" in the forty-ninth issue of Marvel's Marvel Age magazine, published earlier that year.[3]


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