This article is about the cantina on Fhost. For more uses of the name, see Black hole (disambiguation), or the establishment on Coruscant.

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The Black Hole, also known simply as The Hole, was a cantina in Farpoint on the planet of Fhost near the Unknown Regions. The city of Farpoint was built upon the wreck of a crashed Chiss starship, and the Black Hole was located in the remains of the former bridgetower. It was partially built from storage containers, and contained mismatched furniture that accumulated over the years of ownership. In 41 ABY, the cantina was owned by Milsin, who often tried new gimmicks he picked up from watching holos from the Core, which, like all HoloNet shows and sport events on Fhost, were at least four months old. In that year, a deadly brawl broke out in the Black Hole, after Khedryn Faal won the final hand with the help of Jaden Korr in a high-stakes game of sabacc.

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